Wednesday, 24 August 2011

New tights for men from Poland

I have just read about a new range of men's tights from Adrian, a leading manufacturer of hosiery in Poland. There has obviously been a huge effort made in the design and marketing of this Men Collection range and the manufacturer clearly believes that there is a demand for tights specifically designed for men.

There are five models available;

Grating - diamond pattern opaque tights, 60 denier

Street - sheer tights, 20 denier
Urban - footless sheer tights, 20 denier
City - opaque tights, 60 denier
Hunter - footless opaque tights, 100 denier

I hope to review these tights in the future once I have worked out how to obtain a sample or purchase them.

 The full range can be viewed on the Adrian website.


  1. I have some tights like the ones in the picture, they were not Adrian branded, but just spotted them at the local Tesco, £2.50 I recall, they are nice daily wear for winter, 20 denier,just look like patterned socks.

  2. Hi vee6. Was that recently? Are they still stocked by Tesco?

  3. Any progress on getting a chance to sample these? I'd be very interested to hear how the City style works out.

    I recently purchased tights from 3 different Polish hosiery companies (Fiore, Gatta, Bas Bleu), finding the materials and manufacturing quality to be pretty good. Unfortunately, the largest size is more geared for larger women of wider girth, providing an improper fit for the taller male of moderate weight.

  4. Yes - these have all been sampled and I have reviewed the whole Adrian range.

  5. Correction - I sampled and reviewed all the Adrian range apart from the 60 denier 'City' opaque tights and the 'Urban' 20 denier sheer footless tights . I wasn't sent a sample of these for review unfortunately.