Wednesday, 1 February 2012

Reviewed: Gatta Rosalia Polar Winter Tights

It was another bitterly cold morning in London today. I knew I was going to need some really thick and warm tights for proper insulation.

Itsocks recently send me a sample of the Gatta Rosalia 600 Denier Polar Winter Tights and this looked a good day to test them.

I recently wrote a feature on Itsocks. It includes an interview with the owner Anna Oldbury.

Itsocks are a London-based hosiery retailer and are increasing their range of styles in larger sizes to cater for their growing market of men buying tights for themselves. Itsocks now has a tights for men section on their website.

Materials and features

It's clear that the Rosalia 600 Denier Polar Winter Tights are going to be something different when you see the packaging, which clearly contains a product that is much thicker and bulkier that normal opaque tights.

According to the packaging are 600 denier tights, designed for wear in cold temperatures. The tights they feel very soft to the touch and are not as heavy as you expect. The tights look very opaque but, from what I can see, are not made of 600 denier yarn. The appearance is closer to 200 denier tights that are made from cotton or a wool/cotton mix.

The outside of the tights has a smooth matt finish. Inside, the tights are made with a micro-fleece fabric. The material used is 100% polyester.

These tights are sheer to waist, apart from a reinforcement band at the top of the legs. The legs are straight and the flat seams are well made.

The size 5 (X-large) I tested have a comfort panel at the from and the rear of the brief, making them actually very similar in construction to some styles of men's tights.

The brief is extremely generous and in the 5 (X-large) stretched far above my waist. The comfortable waistband is about 4cm wide and is made with a doubled over fold of the fabric.

Fit and sizing

The Rosalia 600 Denier Polar Winter Tights are available in four sizes: 2 (small), 3 (medium), 4 (large) and 5 (X-large).

I tested the size 5 (X-large) and they were a great fit. They would easily accommodate a person much taller than my 5'10". I think the size 4(large) would also been a good fit for me, perhaps a slightly snugger one.

These tights really do keep you warm. I am not sure if they would be such a great idea in cooler spring and autumn weather, but for very cold days, and outdoor work and activities they would be perfect.

Colour range

The Rosalia 600 Denier Polar Winter Tights are available in two shades:
  • Nero (black)
  • Graffite (grey).
I tested a pair in black.

Price and availability

These tights normally retail for £11.35, but are currently on offer at Itsocks for just £6.99.


These are very warm, soft tights and are recommended for colder days. I can see why they are a best seller with male customers at Itsocks.

The sizing is very generous and I can't see any problem for men to get a good fit in the large and X-large sizes.

If you need any more information remember that the Itsocks website has a facility for customers to “chat to Anna”.

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  1. Nice review! Glad to hear that Gatta sized the XL decently. It sounds like the brief is just about right, versus the Rosalia which tends to accommodate larger hips.