Monday, 7 May 2012

Reviewed: Philippe Matignon Revitalise 70 support tights

Philippe Matignon is an Italian hosiery manufacturer with, in my opinion, a deserved reputation for quality and durability.

I have previously tested and reviewed the 40 denier semi-opaque Dorella tights.

The USA-based Philippe Matignon store have kindly sent me some more tights to review.

The first pair I have checked out are the Revitalise 70 tights.

Materials and features

The Revitalise 70 tights are semi-sheer 70 denier matt support tights with graduated compression.

The fabric is 77% polyamide, 20% elastane (Lycra) and 3% cotton.

I haven't tested many compression, or support tights, before, but when I have, I have noticed that once removed from the packet they always appear quite short. It was the same with the Revitalise 70, although the amount of stretch is quite impressive.

The 70 denier fabric is not fully opaque. Coverage is even throughout, but leg hair will be visible unless you remove it. The material is double covered Lycra, very soft and smooth with a mainly matt appearance.

These tights are not sheer to waist but have a completely opaque 200 denier brief that looks like ribbed shorts. The brief is deep and reaches comfortably over the waist as well as providing additional support for the upper thigh area. The brief has a 5cm wide comfortable waistband with ribs similar to the brief. Seams are flat and well-constructed.

The 5-XL size that I tested has a rear comfort panel. Sizes S, M and L have a hygienic gusset.

The feet are shaped and with reinforced toes.

Overall the Revitalise 70 are superbly constructed, with great attention to detail. I particularly liked the wide waistband (if only all tights had one as well made) and the depth of the brief.

Fit and sizing
The Revitalise 70 tights are available in 2- S, 3-M, 4-L and  5-XL sizes. I tested the 5-XL size. 

The tights took some time to get on - the fabric is tight and one can feel the compression effect immediately. I needed to stretch them over my feet, then slowly and carefully stretch the tights up the legs. With a bit of further positioning and stretching the tights were on. And once on they really do stay on, clinging tightly like a second skin. The brief is quite tight also.

I was amazed at the fit and comfort they provided. The compression effect is noticeable and your are conscious that you are wearing these tights. The effect is like a gentle massage of the legs and they definitely do keep you feeling energised and comfortable. I tested the Revitalise 70 twice and they did make a difference, especially when sitting at my desk for long periods.

I am not sure if the 5-XL would fit someone much taller than my 5'10". Philippe Matignon tights usually come up quite large in the 5-XL size, but in this case perhaps slightly less so.

These tights glide exceptionally well under jeans or trousers with no snagging at all.

Colour range
The Revitalise 70 tights are available from the Philippe Matignon US store in two colours: Nero (Black) and Playa Nature (Tan/Beige). The tights may also be available from other retailers in two additional shades: The and Cappuccio.

I tested a pair in the Playa Nature shade, which is what is shown above.

Price and availability

These tights cost US$37.00 from the Philippe Matignon US store. Items can be shipped to international destinations.

There is also a Revitalise 40 denier style available


After testing the Revitalise 70 tights I am now pretty much convinced of the benefits of support/compression hosiery. They were very comfortable tights indeed, and I didn't want to take them off at the end of the day. These would be very good tights for men who need leg support. Although they are not medical grade support hosiery, the compression is on the firm side. They would provide support for people who are on their feet for long periods or who sit while working.

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  1. I've recently become a fan of 70dn mild compression pantyhose, worn under shorts. I'll have to save up and try a pair of these. Thanks for the review!