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Spotlight on Mercería Gari (Tights from Spain)

Hosiery For Men has a really wide international readership, judging from the blog stats that I check regularly. I have already written about several hosiery manufacturers and retailers that are not based in the UK.

Mercería Gari is hosiery store based in Zaragoza, Spain. I was please to be able to interview their sales and marketing director Nora Garizábal. The interview has been translated from the Spanish in which it was conducted.

Can you like to provide Hosiery For men readers with some information about Mercería Gari? Mercería Gari are a family business that was established in 1986. Based in Zaragoza, Spain, we are dedicated to selling socks, tights and stockings, underwear and lingerie. We have a reputation for the quality of our products and personal service we provide to our customers.

Do you have many male customers? Most of our clients are women who buy for their husbands and sons, but little by little society is changing and there are more men, especially young people as well as those who are middle-aged, who dare to buy their own underwear and also try new things.

It seems that in the UK and well as the USA and many other countries, tights are becoming more and more acceptable for men. What do you think about this fashion trend? Are there men buying tights for themselves in Spain also?
It's possible that here in Spain tights for men may become a more in demand product. However, at the moment, there are few manufacturers who are daring enough to launch styles directly to the male public.

This is a personal observation based on experience in our local area, Zaragoza. It is true that possibly in Barcelona or Madrid, someone else might say that this trend may already be more advanced there. They are the two most important cities in Spain and therefore, new fashion trends usually arrive their first.

What in your opinion are the advantages of tights for men? Are there any particular benefits for expample in relation to health, comfort or warmth in autumn and winter?
It is hard to answer this question completely as we haven't, as yet, made available any style of tights specifically made for men. The one thing I could say is that each person needs to wear products that suit their body. If it is possible to have a style of tights made spefically for men, then of course the fabric would be more comfortable as the tights would have been made carefully to meet men's needs.

Are there any particular styles or brands of tights that are popular with your male customers? The best seller is the Janira brand. But is will alweays depend on the needs of each person in terms of styles and sizing. However many men, before looking for comfort, are often guided by their fantasies.

If there are men that would like to buy tights from Mercería Gari what kind of service will they receive?
We differ from many other retailers in the variety of items and barnds that we stock. But above all we provide a professional, discrete and personalised service. We have more than 25 years of experience on this area.

Mercería Gari stocks the Spanish tights brand Janira. This brand is not available in the UK. Can you say something about this brand? Are their styles available in Large and Extra Large sizes.
Janira is a brand that guarantees quality with competitive prices. They have a wide variety of styles, in different fabrics and thicknesses, especially for the winter season. Janira hosiery is also available in wide range of sizes.

The ME and GE sizes, that we have available, provide more room in the brief with a rear panel, giving more space and comfort in the waist area for men who are both taller and less tall, or who simply wish to have more a more comfortable fit.

Alternatively, the Panty Maxilastic style is available in two deniers, Maxilastic 17 and Maxilastic 40. What makes this style special is the rear comfort panel, and a greater brief depth that reaches to the abdominal area. It is suitable for sizes up to 130kg and 190cm - thus catering for sizes that are not normally available with most brands of tights.

Are there any brands or styles of tights that you would recommend for men?
I would particularly highlight Cecialia de Rafael and Janira

From the Cecilia de Rafael range I would recommend:

Panty Coral: There are a range of colours in this style and these tights are opaque, shiny and soft to the touch. The Extra Large (GE) size has a rear comfort panel.

From the Janira range I would suggest:

The Panty Wonder 100: These tights are extra opaque, sheer to waist, with a uniform satin appearance and silky touch. The Extra Large (GE) size has a rear comfort panel.

The Panty Wonder 70: These are opaque satin tights, sheer to waist, hardwearing and with an elastic waistband. The Extra Large (GE) size has a rear comfort panel.

Legging Wonder 100: These are extra opaque leggings, sheer to waist with a satin appearance and silky touch. They differ from tights and for tall men may be more comfortable because they provide a greater length in the leg. It's recommended also that men might like to wear them with socks thicker or thinner than the thickness of the leggings.

Are you able to send orders by post to other countries? 

We can send items to any European country. To make an order to another country just get in contact with us via: info@merceriagari.com.

Thank you very much indeed Nora for your help with this feature. I am sure Hosiery For Men readers will find all the information above informative. It's great to hear about new brands and I hope to test and review some of the Janira tights very soon.

I have already reviewed the Cecilia de Rafael Coral 60 Denier Opaque Tights and they are a superb product and highly recommended.

If any readers would like the Spanish version of this interview to be published let me know.

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