Sunday, 16 September 2012

Reviewed: Janira Panty Wonder 70 Tights

Janira are a Spanish hosiery brand. I haven't seen their products on sale in the UK, but they were highly recommended to me by Mercería Gari, a hosiery store based in Zaragoza, Spain. All hosiery sold by Mercería Gari can be ordered online.

You can read the Hosiery For Men feature on Merceria Gari.

Materials and features

The Panty Wonder 70 opaque tights are described as 'highly opaque 70 denier tights with an even satiny appearance.'

The fabric they are made from is 93% Polyamide, 6% Elastane and 1% Cotton.

They are sheer to waist and have flat seams. Toes have a slight reinforcement. There is a reinforcement band either side of the central seam.

The waistband is 4cm wide and provides excellent support. Sizes P, M and L have a cotton gusset. The GE (Extra Large) size has a rear comfort panel.

These tights have excellent opaque coverage, although I found that in those areas where the fabric was slightly more stretched, such as knees and thighs, it became slightly less so.

The Panty Wonder 70 opaque tights have quite a shiny appearance. The fabric is wonderfully smooth to touch and they feel very soft and comfortable next to the skin.

Fit and sizing

The Panty Wonder 70 opaque tights are available in four sizes: P (Small), M (Medium), L (Large) and GE (Extra Large). I tested the GE size.

The GE size fits heights up to 183cm (6'0"). I found that although the tights looked quite small when removed from their packaging, they had an impressive amount of stretch.

The brief has plenty of room and the waistband came comfortably over my waist.

I found these tights to be very, very comfortable indeed. The smooth, satin texture also meant that under trousers there was also plenty of glide.

Colour range

The Panty Wonder 70 opaque tights are available in thirteen shades according to the Janira website:

At Mercería Gari the following shades are currently available:

  • Anthracite
  • Chocolat
  • Cuir
  • Marino
  • Navale
  • Negro
  • Slate
I tested a pair in the Negro (Black) shade.

Price and availability
The Panty Wonder 70 opaque tights are priced at €9.07. At current exchange rates that works out at:

  • $11.90
  • £7.34
This is the first time I have tried Janira tights. They were highly recommended to me due to their sizing for taller people and overall quality.

I am really impressed with them. They are extremely comfortable and feel wonderful when worn. The generous amount of Elastane provided for a close fit and they stayed in place all day.

I tested them on a cool day and they provided a nice additional layer of warmth as well as some moderate leg support.

For the price the overall quality is excellent and comparable to more expensive brands.

I am looking forward to testing and reviewing more styles from Janira.


  1. Thank you for your review and introducing a new brand from Spain! Look forward to reading more reviews of their hosiery.

  2. Thanks TSF. I am planning to review several more Janira styles. Stay tuned.