Tuesday, 18 December 2012

Reviewed: Janira Panty Wonder 100 Tights

Janira are a high quality Spanish hosiery brand. I have recently reviewed these styles:

Janira Panty Wonder 70 Tights
Janira Panty Wonder 40 Tights

Janira tights were recommended to me by Mercería Gari, a hosiery store based in Zaragoza, Spain. All hosiery sold by Mercería Gari can be ordered online and their service is first class.

You can read the Hosiery For Men feature on Merceria Gari.

Materials and features 

The Panty Wonder 100 Tights are described as 'extremely opaque tights with a satiny finish.'

They are made from 95% Polyamide and 5% Elastane. The fabric is very soft to the touch and has an impressive amount of stretch. The appearance is indeed satiny, but the tights are not overly shiny.

The Panty Wonder 100 Tights are quite dense and are almost completely opaque. They are sheer to waist. Seams are flat. The waistband is 3cm wide. The GE (Extra Large) size has a rear comfort panel.

Fit and sizing
The Panty Wonder 100 Tights are available from Mercería Gari in four sizes: M , L, G and GE. I tested the GE size.

The GE size fits heights up to 178cm (5'10").

As mentioned above, these tights have plenty of stretch and fitted me very well indeed. The waist band stretches over the navel with ease and would also stretch further if needed. Even when the legs are stretched, the opacity of the fabric isn't lessened significantly. The panty/brief has plenty of room.

I found that these tights fitted snugly but were not too tight at any point. I felt that a bit more Elastane in the fabric would have helped to enable them to cling a little bit more tightly, as when wearing for longer periods they did need a bit of pulling up from time to time.

The satiny texture provided a good glide under trousers.

Colour range

The Panty Wonder 100 Tights are available in seven shades according to the Janira website:

At Mercería Gari the following shades are currently available:

  • Anthracite 
  • Brun
  • Chocolat 
  • Negro
I tested a pair in the Brun shade. I would describe it as a lighter brown with hints of grey.

Price and availability

The Panty Wonder 100 Tights are priced at €11.00.


All the Janira tights I have tried so far have been excellent quality. At the price, the  Panty Wonder 100 Tights are really very good value indeed.

Once again, it is the quality of the fabric that is one of the key positive features. The fabric in the Panty Wonder 100 Tights is soft, stretchy but also very robust. I think these tights would wear really well for a long period.

I wore these tights on a very cold day and the the insulation was wonderful, without being too warm.

Mercería Gari are now also stocking the Janira Panty Wonder 200 Tights. These are an even thicker opaque style with a matt appearance. I hope I can test and review these also at some point. 

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  1. These tights fitted snugly but were not too tight at any point.What I found is the it is the quality of the fabric that is one of the key positive features.

  2. Gracias por vuestros comentarios. Me alegro que os esten gustando tanto la marca como el Panty Wonder 100 ya que la relación calidad precio es excelente. Gracias por tan buenas críticas.