Friday, 4 January 2013

Reviewed: Comfort4Men 50 Denier Luxury Men's Tights

I have reviewed several styles of Comfort4Men men's tights at Hosiery For Men, several including:

40 Denier Men's Support Tights

60 Denier Luxury Men's Tights

70 Denier Opaque Men's Tights

80 Denier Opaque Men's Tights

Comfort4Men men's tights are made in Germany to the very highest standards. They are a high quality product specifically designed to provide an excellent fit and level of comfort for the male anatomy. Comfort4Men men's tights are definitely not women's tights repackaged for men, nor unisex tights.

Comfort4Men recently sent me a pair of the C418M 50 Denier Luxury Men's Tights to review. These tights are part of the Comfort4Men Luxury range.

Luxury tights

Of their Luxury tights, Comfort4Men say that:

"You will be thrilled by the unique ultra-smoothness and velvety-softness. Just touch and feel it - the silky lustre speaks for itself."

Choosing Comfort4Men Luxury Tights.
I have written before about the extensive range of features, styles and shades that are available when ordering tights from Comfort4Men.

The C418M 50 Denier Luxury Men's Tights come in high waist and low waist styles.

C418M Comfort4Men Luxury Tights low waist

C418M Comfort4Men Luxury Tights high waist

You can then choose to have the tights with or without a fly opening, as well as choosing whether the gusset in either Skin or Black colour. There is a choice of three shades, and finally a choice of sizes: 4 (low waist only), 5, 6, 7 and 7+.
The style of C418M 50 Denier Luxury Men's Tights I chose had the following features:
  • High waist
  • Colour: Black
  • Gusset colour: Black
  • Fly opening: Yes
  • Size: 6

Materials and features
The C418M 50 Denier Luxury Men's Tights are packaged simply in a card enclosure that is protected by a cellophane sleeve.

This Comfort4Men style is made from 86% Polyamide and 14% Elastane.

The fabric is indeed luxuriously soft and sensual to the touch. The 3D microfibre fabric has a high degree of elasticity and tights have plenty of stretch. Heels are shaped.

The C418M 50 Denier Luxury Men's Tights are quite shiny in appearance. They are not completely opaque, but if put on carefully the coverage is even throughout.

The tights are sheer to waist. Seams are flat throughout and are engineered to the usual high Comfort4men standard. The brief has a rear comfort panel. The waistband is 4cm wide and very comfortable.

Like all Comfort4Men tights, the gusset and crotch area has been carefully designed to be comfortable for the male anatomy. The fly opening (should you chose for it to be included) is extremely well-designed and also easy to use. There is no need to fiddle about with the opening when going to the bathroom.

My preference is always for the high waist styles in Comfort4Men tights. These provide plenty of room and ensure the tights stretch well above the waist if required.

Fit and sizing
As mentioned above, the C418M 50 Denier Luxury Men's Tights are available in a range of sizes: 4 (low waist only), 5, 6, 7 and 7+

These tights need to be put on carefully to ensure that the fabric is smoothed and stretched evenly.

The fit was excellent with a snug fit to every part of the legs and waist. The soft fabric feels wonderful next to the skin.

The silky, shiny quality of the fabric provides excellent glide under trousers.

The high waist style provides plenty of room in the brief and the waistband can be stretched above the waist easily without straining the fabric.

On a very cold day, I found that these tights provided warmth but did not overheat the legs. There was no uncomfortable, sweaty feeling as the fabric seems to breathe well.

Colour range

The C418M 50 Denier Luxury Men's Tights are available in three colours: Black, Dark Brown and Navy.

I tested a pair in Black.

C418M 50 Denier Luxury Tights in Dark Brown with Skin gusset

C418M 50 Denier Luxury Tights in Navy with Black gusset

Price and availability

The C418M 50 Denier Luxury Men's Tights cost €41.75 plus shipping. Shipping rates vary depending on the destination.

For countries outside of the European Union, German value added tax is not payable. This is removed automatically during the order process.


The C418M 50 Denier Luxury Men's Tights are a superb product. I keep being surprised again and again at how good Comfort4men tights are.

As soon as I put them on, I thought 'wow!' The fabric is so soft and smooth and the fit was excellent. It felt like these tights had been tailored perfectly just to fit me.

The high elasticity provides a very snug fit, with the tights moulding themselves to your legs.

Highly recommended.


  1. Do you think these could pass for socks underneath a suit or trousers?

  2. Yes, I think so. They have a slight shine but could easily pass as socks.

  3. I wish tights for men where as easy to find in the us as I've been told they are in the rest of the world.