Monday 1 April 2013

Reviewed: Adrian 60 Den City Men's Tights

US-based hosiery retailer The Stylish Fox sent me a sample of the Adrian 60 Denier City Tights to test and review.

At Hosiery For Men we have previously reviewed several styles of men's tights made by the Polish hosiery manufacturer Adrian:

Adrian 20 Denier men's tights

Adrian 100 Denier footless tights

Adrian 60 Denier 'Grating' tights

The Stylish Fox stocks a wide range of the tights for men from the Adrian Men Collection range.

Materials and features

The Adrian 60 Denier City Tights are packaged very attractively like all Adrian products. The tights are housed in a clear plastic bag, which in turn is inserted into a sturdy white card envelope. Everything then fits neatly into an outer sleeve.

The Stylish Fox provides the following description:

'Semi-opaque microfiber tights that, according to our customer's feedback, may look more sheer than one would expect for 60 Deniers. The brief portion has a different fabric, although not very noticeable. These tights have a male front panel (no fly opening), flat seams, and invisibly reinforced toes.'

The Adrian 60 Denier City Tights are made in Poland. The fabric is 85% Polyamide and 15% Elastane (Lycra).

These tights feel very soft and the fabric is very comfortable on the skin.

As mentioned in the Stylish Fox description, the City tights are slightly more sheer than one would expect for 60 denier tights - perhaps similar to 4-50 denier styles. However opacity is good overall, with a slight shine.

I found the City style to be sheer to waist, despite what is stated in the Stylish Fox description, with no demarcation between the brief and the legs.

Toes are lightly reinforced. The waistband is 3cm wide and does the job well.

The male comfort panel is well-designed.

Fit and sizing

The Adrian 60 Denier City Tights are available in three sizes: L, M and XL. I tested a pair in the L size.

I was really pleased with how well this style fitted me. Sizing information is accurate and the L size was perfect for my 5'10".

The tights have a decent amount of stretch. The high Lycra content provides a superb fit.

The brief is admirably deep and stretches easily over the waist. As mentioned above, the comfort panel works well and provides good support for the male equipment.

The slight shine on the fabric provides very good glide under trousers.

Colour range

The Adrian 60 Denier City Tights are available at The Stylish Fox in a wide range of shades:
  • Black
  • Fumo (Dark Grey)
  • Grey
  • Marine
  • Olive
I tested a pair in Black.

Price and availability

The Adrian 60 Denier City Tights are priced at $11.30.

The Adrian 60 Denier City Tights are a fine product. They have clearly been designed with men's needs in mind, rather than being repackaged women's tights.

They are very comfortable, with the fabric moulding itself well to the legs. There is no wrinkling or bagging. My legs felt wonderful with them on.

The City tights provide a nice, smooth additional layer of insulation and are perfect opaque tights for cooler days.

They are my favourite style so far in the Adrian men's tights range.


  1. what happened with website is it under construction or closed? regards

  2. I believe the owner is planning to close the business.

    1. She was planning to close down the business in december but still is working and as i noticed new items are stocked.It even has been advertertised on for sale.

  3. Interesting tights. Are mens tights any different than womens, aside from the actual size & length?

  4. Men's tights do tend to be available in a wider range of sizes. There is often greater leg length as well as more room in the upper thigh area. Men also need a deeper brief. Some men's tights have a front comfort panel, designed to support the 'male equipment'. You will also see fly openings in some styles. How about sending us some Hue samples to trial?