Sunday, 21 July 2013

Reviewed: Nylonica Linea Lusso microfibre 20 tights

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Pantyhose HQ kindly sent me a sample of the Nylonica Linea Lusso microfibre 20 tights.

Nylonica are a new brand to me. They are made in Italy and I was eager to trial them for Hosiery For Men readers.

Materials and features

The Nylonica Linea Lusso microfibre 20 tights are attractively packaged. The tights are folded over a plain white rectangular card. The rear and front of the main packaging is then folded over this. Everything is then housed in a clear plastic envelope.

According to the product description, these are:

'Sheer 20 denier microfibre tights that hug your legs like a second skin. A real experience to wear with Lycra 3D for the ultimate in fit and comfort.'

The Nylonica Linea Lusso microfibre 20 tights are made from 80% Nylon, 18% Lycra 3D and 2% Cotton.

The fabric is simply superb and luxuriously soft to the touch.

They look very small indeed as they are removed from the packaging but appearances can be deceptive. The stretch is simply amazing; perhaps the best I have ever seen in a pair of sheer tights.

Legs are straight and toes are reinforced.The tights are completely sheer to waist.

Seams are flat throughout and expertly constructed. There is an additional T band running either side of the central seam, and a further slightly denser band underneath the waistband. The waistband itself is 4cm wide and clearly designed to provide the maximum in comfort and support. As can be seen in the image below, the 4-XLarge size I tested also has a rear comfort panel.

Fit and sizing

The Nylonica Linea Lusso microfibre 20 tights are available in three sizes: 2-Medium, 3-Large and 4-XLarge.

I tested the 4-XLarge size, which according to the packaging fits up to 5'10".

As mentioned above, these tights look small but the high Lycra 3D content provides tremendous stretch and also a really superb fit.

If you put these tights on carefully they will fit beautifully and cling to your legs like a second skin. The sensation of wearing them is really something else.

There is no wrinkling or bunching at all, and the fabric simply moulds itself to every curve.

The brief has plenty of depth and pulls comfortably over the waist.

Appearance is matt with very little shine indeed.

Colour range

The Nylonica Linea Lusso microfibre 20 tights are available in an impressive thirteen colours: sand, air force blue, aqua, baby pink, scarlet, black, deep lilac, burgundy, baby blue, noisette, rose pink, royal blue and turquoise.

I tested a pair in the Sand shade.

Price and availability

The Nylonica Linea Lusso microfibre 20 tights are available from Pantyhose HQ for just USD$10.58. This is a 25% reduction this week on the usual price of USD$14.12.

They are also available from Stockings HQ for £8.21. Delivery is free in the UK if you spend more than £50.00.

The Nylonica Linea Lusso microfibre 20 tights are a really superb product. I just looked up the Italian word 'lusso' and it means 'luxury'. Well that is exactly what you get here: a genuinely luxury product that is beautifully designed and engineered.

The fit and comfort of these tights is up there with any brand the best I have tested previously. But it's the incredibly smooth, quite sensual fabric that earns the highest marks. It hugs the skin perfectly and the feel is quite remarkable.

The price for tights of this quality is more than reasonable. I would say that they are a real bargain. Highly recommended.


  1. Just to add to the review above: There are only two brands that I feel have offered a similar fit and feel to these. 1. Aristoc Ultra Soft 15 den, which had I believe 29% Lycra. 2. The Levee WoMan Dimension men's tights. Both of these are sadly now discontinued.

  2. I'm encouraged by your comparison to Aristoc Ultra Soft, which I used to like very much. However, I'm hesitant to order hose with a back panel, which I tend to dislike, especially if the panel material is heavier than the rest of the hose. Is that the case with the Nylonica?

    I'm 5 foot 9, 165 pounds. Per their size chart, which I can't quite read in the photo above, would Large definitely be too small?

    I posted these questions on the LAUF forum but you may have overlooked them there. Thanks for your help.

  3. it seems like superb quality,but i'd like to see-what kind of toe. reinforced or not?

  4. Thanks Anon. The toe is reinforced. The back panel is a different texture fabric but not significantly heavier. I will update the information above shortly with some additional photos. I recommend you go for the 4-XLarge size.

  5. Oh, I hate that back double seams! It doesn't look attractive. Why did they do that? Is that present on 3/L size also?

  6. Just bought and tried these tights. One word: sublime! Feeling is gorgeous and fit exceptional.

  7. Nylonica has always made nice quality tights. I prefer sheer and first choice is hold up thigh high's the stockings. Soft and sheer.