Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Spotlight on UK Tights: Part 2

We are now publishing Part 2 of our exclusive interview with Dawn Barber, the managing director of UK Tights.

You can still read Part 1 of the interview.

In Part 2, Dawn discusses men's tights and some of the styles that can be purchased at UK Tights.

UK Tights used to sell the highly regarded Gerbe tights for men and the WoMan unisex range from Levee. Why are these no longer available?
Much to our disgust, Gerbe stopped making them. We loved them but sadly they are no longer available.

UK Tights recently developed the new Maximus range of tights for men. Can you say a bit more about this brand? How did you go about developing a new style of men's tights?
We had our contacts in Italy help us to bring this brand to our customer base. We asked for tights that would give more in the crotch area and be slightly larger around the thighs. We wanted a good quality, opaque tight that men could rely on. We think we achieved this with Maximux.

What feedback have you had so far on the Maximus range? 

Guys seem to love them. We have not had any negative feedback at all and they sell on a regular basis.

UK Tights are also now selling men's tights from the Activskin range. Are they selling well? 

They do sell well yes. They are a certain kind of animal all by themselves and we don’t think they are there to compete with any other brand. They own their very own piece of the action and seem to fit in very well with our male customers requirements.

Are you planning to develop your range of men's tights further, perhaps adding further new brands?
Of course we are always happy to look towards other brands that help us fill our customers needs. If we have enough people request a brand that we don’t sell then we’ll go right ahead and stock it. It’s that simple.

Stay tuned for Part 3.

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