Monday, 25 November 2013

Reviewed: Glamory Support 40 tights for men

The German brand Glamory has provided us with samples of the whole range of their new collection of men's tights.

You can still read our Part 1 and Part 2 of the Hosiery For Men feature on Glamory and interview with Manuela Sommer.

Leading UK-based hosiery retailer Stockings HQ are now stocking the whole of the Glamory range of tights for men. For UK-based readers of Hosiery For Men, this may be the easiest way of purchasing them.

The Glamory men's tights are also available from Pantyhose HQ, the international sister site to Stockings HQ. If you're outside the European Union you can benefit from low tax-free export prices.

Our first review of the new Glamory range focuses on the Glamory Support 40 tights for men.

Materials and features

The Glamory Support 40 tights for men are described by Stockings HQ as:

"Top quality semi-opaque tights with gentle support to fit the male physique.

"It is now accepted that men wear tights, and for many reasons - sporting activities, to keep warm in the cold, to keep cool in hot weather, as a fashion statement, to ease leg health complaints, or simply to experience the feel of wearing them. The Glamory 50424 Support 40 tights for men can give comfortable wear with the perfect fit for all these requirements, and are specially designed for the male physique."

The Glamory Support 40 tights for men come in good quality packaging. The tights are folded around a card rectangle that provides instructions on how to put on tights (if needed). This is enclosed in a light card folded over the tights, and then housed in a clear plastic envelope.

These are light support tights made in Germany from 80% Polyamide and 20% Elastane. The tights are semi-sheer, fully boarded and have a front gusset to provide comfortable support for the male anatomy.

Toes are reinforced and seams are flat throughout. The waistband is 5cm wide.

The brief/panty is reinforced and made from a slightly denser fabric, although the demarcation with the legs is not very pronounced.

In appearance the tights are mainly matt, but with a slight sheen.

Fit and sizing
The Glamory Support 40 tights for men are available in five sizes from Stockings HQ: L, XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL. The M size may also be available directly from Glamory or other retailers.

I tested the XL size.

The XL size provided a very good fit for me indeed. Compression is moderate, and the tights were fairly straightforward to put on, unlike most medical grade support tights.

Once in place, it feels like the tights are hugging the legs. The high (20%) Elastane content provides a really close, snug fit and you can feel a pleasant compression effect.

Construction and engineering is definitely of the highest standard. These tights are definitely designed for men and that is evident in the excellent length in the leg, and the deep and comfortable brief.

The male front gusset is also very well designed, and to me one of the best features. It provides excellent support and is exceptionally comfortable.

Colour range
The Glamory Support 40 tights for men are available in two shades: Black (Schwarz) and Beige (Teint)

I tested a pair in the Beige shade.

Currently only the Black shade is available at Stockings HQ. Beige is available if ordered directly from Glamory.

Price and availabilityThe Glamory Support 40 tights for men are priced at £13.50 at Stockings HQ.

At Pantyhose HQ they are available for $18.48, with free postage to the USA on orders over $10.

If these tights are ordered directly from Glamory, a double pack with two pairs is available at €27.90.

Glamory should be congratulated for making a really well-designed pair of men's support tights. They have clearly been crafted to a careful specification to ensure that they provide the best fit and comfort for men.

The plus points for me were: the leg length, the excellent designed brief and the male gusset.

These tights definitely provide good leg support and keep the muscles energised.

If you work on your feet, or are sitting down, all day I would certainly give these a try. They prove that men's tights, when well-made, can be exceptionally comfortable and practical.

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