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Reviewed: Couture Ultra Gloss Tights

Legwear International sent Hosiery For Men a large selection of samples to trial and review for Hosiery For Men readers.

We have already published reviews of the following styles from Legwear International:

Couture Future 10 Denier Tights

Cindy 30 Denier Semi-Sheer Tights

Silky Dance Shimmer Full Foot Tights

Silky Medium Support Tights

We also published a feature on Legwear International and an interview with Kirsten Taylor, their Product Development and Marketing Manager.

We now focus on the Couture Ultra Gloss Tights.

Materials and features

The Couture Ultra Gloss Tights are in a high quality card sleeve. The tights are folded around a card rectangle, which is then housed in a cellophane bag.

Legwear International describe these tights as follows:

"10 denier appearance Tights with reinforced body and toe for added comfort and durability. Beautifully soft and sheer hosiery for an elegant flawless leg finish."
The Couture Ultra Gloss Tights are 10 denier tights, made from 88% Nylon and 12% Spandex. The fabric is very soft and smooth to the touch. Although they are marketed as 'ultra gloss' tights, I didn't find that they were very glossy. They do have a definite sheen, but they were less shiny than I expected.

The tights are not sheer to waist but have a reinforced boxer-style brief with a denser knit.

Seams are conventional and toes are reinforced. The waistband is 2cm wide.

Fit and sizing

The Couture Ultra Gloss Tights are available in two sizes: Medium and Large.

I tested the Large size.

These tights had plenty of stretch. The sizing information is accurate as the Large size fitted by 5'10" well. But they wouldn't suit anyone much taller.

The high Spandex content provides a close fit with no wrinkling or bunching.

I found the brief/panty to be slightly lacking in depth for me. If you are looking for a more low-rise style then these tights would suit.

The Couture Ultra Gloss Tights provided a perfectly comfortable wearing experience. Glide was also excellent under trousers, as expected with the fabric's sheen.

Colour range

The Couture Ultra Gloss Tights are available in four shades: Black, Barely Black, Nude and Sherry.

I tested a pair in the Nude shade.

Price and availability

The Couture Ultra Gloss Tights are priced at a very reasonable £3.99.

In the Legwear International January Sale there is a 30% discount off all products if you use the voucher code JANUARYSALE.


Legwear International sell a wide range of tights and other hosiery, all at reasonable prices.

The Couture Ultra Gloss Tights are perfectly adequate pair of sheer gloss tights for under £4.00. With a 30% discount in January the price is even more reasonable.

They are a comfortable wear and seem to be quite hardwearing and resistant to easy laddering.

The Nude shade that I tested is almost invisible against the skin, so this style might be useful if you want to wear hosiery that is not immediately noticeable.

With excellent glide under trousers, these tights provide a comfortable additional layer of insulation on cool days when opaque tights would be too warm.

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