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Reviewed: Glamory Microman 100 men's tights

The German brand Glamory has provided us with samples of the whole range of their new collection of men's tights.

You can still read our Part 1 and Part 2 of the Hosiery For Men feature on Glamory and interview with Manuela Sommer.

We have already reviewed the Glamory Support 40 tights for men.

Leading UK-based hosiery retailers Stockings HQ and UK Tights now stock the whole of the Glamory range of tights for men. You can also purchase them via the TightsFashion tights review website.

We now focus on the Glamory Microman 100 men's tights.

Materials and features
The Glamory Microman 100 men's tights are described at Stockings HQ as:

'Top quality cosy opaque tights designed especially to fit the male physique.

'Glamory’s 50420 Microman 100 tights for men have been specially designed to fit the male physique perfectly. Fully boarded, with a comfort gusset, flat seams, and a reinforced brief and toe, they are soft and easy to wear, and are ideal for sports activities, to prevent leg complaints, to keep warm in cold weather, or just for the pure enjoyment of wear. Growing in popularity, and now considered a fashion choice, they come in black and a great range of sizes from large through to XXXXL, giving full 100 denier coverage."

UK Tights say:

'The perfect item for winter. Men's tights have been emerging as a prominent and popular kind of leg wear for the past few years, but no one has made them like this before. These tights are designed by a company that have always specialised in plus sized leg wear for women. This makes Glamory the perfect brand for designing men's tights, the extra amount of material needed in the crotch and around the thighs being something that Glamory can supply with incredible skill. Glamory have made these tights with a robust 100 denier fabric, which insulates and protects your legs as well as fitting them perfectly. Ideal for adding comfort to your legs and keeping you warm throughout the winter.'

The tights come in simple but good quality packaging. The tights are folded around a card rectangle that provides instructions on how to put on tights (if needed). This is enclosed in a light card folded over the tights, and then housed in a clear plastic envelope.

The Glamory Microman 100 tights are opaque with a matt finish.There is just a very slight sheen. They are made in Germany with 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane.

Toes are reinforced and seams are flat throughout. The waistband is 5cm wide.

The brief/panty is lightly reinforced and made from a slightly denser fabric; the demarcation with the legs is not particularly pronounced but still visible. The front centre panel is made of slightly denser fabric.

The brief has plenty of depth, indeed perhaps slightly more than is needed. There is no front pouch providing support as in the Glamory Support 40 tights. There is also no rear comfort gusset, but a conventional rear seam. The front of the brief has a male centre panel with two seams extending to the waistband, and an additional fabric panel with a fly opening on the right.

Fit and sizing

The Glamory Microman 100 tights are available in six sizes M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL and XXXXL.

I tested the XL size.

These tights are made from a very soft fabric that is very comfortable on the skin. Although they are made from 100 denier fabric, they do not provide a total opaque coverage, compared to the Falke Pure Matt 100 tights, for example. The appearance is more like a 60 or 70 denier tight.

The XL size was a good choice for my 5'10" height.

The brief had more than enough room and rises comfortably over the waist and hips. If you wear these tights under trousers, it is likely that the waist band will sit above the belt line.

I found them to be a very comfortable wear indeed. Insulation was good, without the overheating of some opaque tights styles. Glide under trousers was also good.

I feel that the fly opening could be improved slightly. Access is straightforward, but it is easier to pull the brief/panty downwards when using the bathroom. When a fly-opening feature is designed into men's tights, I do feel that it needs to be really well-designed. It would be interesting to know how many men see a feature like this as being essential. At least Comfort4Men provide that an option in all their styles.

Colour range

The Glamory Microman 100 tights are available in Black (Schwarz) only.

Price and availability
The The Glamory Microman 100 tights are priced at £15.99 at UK Tights and £16.50 at Stockings HQ.

They can also be ordered via the TightsFashion Glamory Shop priced at £15.99.

At Pantyhose HQ they are available for $22.88, with free postage to the USA and Canada on orders over $50.

If these tights are ordered directly from Glamory, a double pack with two pairs is available at €39.90.

Glamory have made a very comfortable pair of men's tights with their Microman 100 style.

I particularly liked the soft, microfibre fabric and the excellent fit. It's nice to have a brief that has been genuinely designed for men. Although there isn't a front support pouch, but a male centre panel instead,  I did find that these tights were very comfortable at the crotch and waist areas.

The fabric is also pretty robust and I am sure these tights will wear well.

The matt, non-shiny, appearance makes them suitable to wear in place of socks.

Well done to Glamory for making these tights in a wide size range, with the larger sizes fitting up to 6'7".

I feel one improvement would be provide a more realistic image in the packaging, as the current image makes the tights look like a hipster, low-rise style with a front support pouch. Website images could also extend this by providing images of the brief designed for men, as well as features such as the reinforced toes.

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