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Reviewed: LM Glow Tall Comfort Tights

The UK hosiery brand LM Glow sell a unique product, Tall Comfort Tights, which they have sent to Hosiery For Men to trial and review.

We recently interviewed Charlotte May Harris, the founder of LM Glow and you can still read Part 1 and Part 2 of this special Hosiery For Men feature.

Charlotte Says: "There are definite advantages to wearing tights and I’m glad it is finally becoming acceptable and popular for men to buy and wear them too. It’s important that the market caters for men as well as women and this is what I want to do with LM Glow."

The Tall Comfort Tights are designed for heights between 5’8” and 6’3” and are explicitly aimed at both men and women.

Material and features 

The Tall Comfort Tights are well packaged. The tights are folded around a card rectangle, which is then enclosed in a card sleeve that has a flap that opens. The whole package is then sealed in a cellophane wrapper.

The fabric used to make the tights contains a special Bamboo Charcoal yarn which helps improve breathability, manage perspiration and the effects of clammy and sweaty feet.

The tights are 80% Nylon (Bamboo Charcoal yarn), and 20% Spandex.

As I removed the tights from their packaging, they actually looked quite small and I did wonder for a moment whether they really were tights for tall people. Appearances are deceptive though: these tights have an incredibly impressive amount of stretch.

The fabric feels extremely soft and smooth to the touch. The packaging states that the tights are 'runproof'.

The tights are are sheer up to the brief/panty which is darker and has the appearance of a ribbed control top. Seams in the brief are flat. The waistband is 3cm wide. There is a fitted gusset. Toes are lightly reinforced

Opaque coverage in the leg is even, although not total. The packaging doesn't provide information on denier, but these look like 50 denier tights when worn. The fabric has a slight shine when caught in the light.

Sizing and fit
The Tall Comfort Tights are available in one size only. However, LM explains that:

"Tall comfort tights are designed for people 5'8" to 6'3", although they may fit some people either side of this range."

I am 5'10" and the tights fitted me perfectly. Although they would comfortably fit a much taller person, there was no sense in fit and appearance that they were too big for me. The high Spandex content ensures that the tights will stretch and mould themselves to your legs whatever your height.

The feeling when worn was similar to light/medium support tights. There is definitely some compression on the leg, particularly from the toe to the calf, which provides a really pleasant and comfortable feeling.

The Spandex and close comfortable fit also helps these tights to stay up. I wore them twice for two full days of work (both sitting for long periods, and also out and about travelling) and they needed scarcely any pulling up or adjustment at all.

The brief has plenty of depth and stretched comfortably over the waist and abdominal area.

Glide under trousers was also excellent.

I also noticed that the Bamboo Charcoal yarn used definitely does have very effective properties. After two full days of wearing, the feet had no unpleasant smell and were still fresh.

Colour range
The LM Glow Tall Comfort Tights are currently available in Black only. That is the shade that I tested and reviewed.

Price and availabilityThe LM Glow Tall Comfort Tights are available directly from LM Glow.

  • A single pair costs £4.99
  • A pack of five pairs costs £20.00
  • A pack of six pairs costs £24.00
  • A pack of seven pairs costs £30.00

The LM Glow Tall Comfort Tights are a really exceptional new product. Many tights retailers highlight styles of tights for tall people, but often the sizing only goes up to to 5'10"or 6'0".

These tights are clearly designed for taller men and women and they do their job splendidly.

LM Glow have had men model their tights, and say that they have also fitted a man who is 6'6".

I particularly liked the smooth fabric and the great feeling on the legs when worn.

It's very pleasing indeed that there are brands like LM Glow that market tights at men and women, and take their particular needs into account in design and marketing.

It seems that there are men who have already decided to check out the Tall Comfort Tights. Here is some feedback left on the LM Glow website:

"I'm a tall guy with a height of 6 foot 2. I find it difficult to find tights large enough to fit my height. I purchased these after seeing them advertised on "hosiery for men". These tights are a superb fit and stay in place really well, as well as being really comfortable and still have more stretch for taller people. Overall very impressed."

Good to see that someone else has also reached the same conclusion!

LM Glow are aiming to develop their product range further and there is a possibility that the Tall Comfort Tights might be available soon in natural skin tones.

They welcome suggestions from potential customers by email or via on Twitter: @lmglowtights. If you have tried these tights, you can also leave feedback on the LM Glow website.

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  1. Glow as a woman? That doesn't entice me to try these tights. Peter