Monday, 22 December 2014

Cecilia de Rafael Digital Ambassador Junius Paul, Part 1

Cecilia De Rafael is one of Europe's leading hosiery brands. Since it was founded in 1976, the company has become known for high quality products, as well as its innovative designs.

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It was announced recently that 
Cecilia De Rafael had appointed a male Digital Ambassador to showcase and champion their tights and hosiery. This is surely a first for the hosiery industry and hugely significant.

The Cecilia de Rafael Digital Ambassador is the musician Junius Paul. We are really excited to publish the first part of our exclusive interview with Junius.

Hi Junius, can you tell Hosiery For Men readers a bit about yourself?

Certainly. I’m from Chicago, Illinois (USA) and have been a professional bassist and composer for twelve years, recording and travelling internationally performing various styles of music with artists from around the world. I recently returned to Chicago from jazz festivals in Graz, Austria and Lausanne, Switzerland, and am working on a new recording project scheduled for release in 2015.

Have you always been interested in tights and legwear for men?

I’ve been wearing tights pretty regularly since my early teenage years; I’ve been fascinated by tights since childhood. I remember, prior to my own wearing of tights, noticing how the smoothness and designs of tights complimented the leg upon looking.

My first tights purchase was a pair of women’s opaque tights (there was not much, if any, of a selection of men’s tights to purchase from, nor was there a public community of men’s legwear enthusiasts at the time), and there was a natural level of comfort while wearing them.

The first pair of men’s tights that I purchased was from G. Lieberman & Sons’ Comfilon (the name was later changed to Activskin) in 2004. I love tights, and I’ll wear any style if the look and feel of it is to my liking.

Currently I wear tights for style and also health purposes. Being a professional bassist, whether playing double bass or electric bass, I am standing up for hours at a time while on stage, and the compression in my tights prevents my legs from fatigue.

Junius modelling the Cecilia de Rafael SENSACIÓN tights

We recently heard the wonderful news that you have been appointed as the new Digital Ambassador for the prestigious Spanish hosiery brand Cecilia de Rafael. Can you tell us more about how this came about and what you will be doing as part of the Cecilia de Rafael Ambassador role?

Thank you! I am thrilled to be the male Digital Ambassador for such a distinguished and innovative hosiery brand as Cecilia De Rafael. I have known of CdR for some years, and it is an honor to now model and promote their hosiery.

Junius modelling the Cecila de Rafael JUMBO tights.

The relationship between Cecilia De Rafael and myself began via Instagram, with me tagging and mentioning them in a post of mine, in which I am wearing only tights, which they graciously re-posted on their Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Upon staying in communication, CdR offered me the position of male Digital Ambassador, which I happily accepted. My role is to promote and model Cecilia De Rafael hosiery, showing world that men can wear tights stylishly and with masculinity. As a musician, I am regularly given the platform to fuse my tights style with my music, making for a wonderfully artistic combination of sonic and visual creativity.

This must be the first time a major hosiery brand has appointed a male Ambassador. What do you think this means for men who wear tights?

I think that it’s a huge step for men’s hosiery. Cecilia De Rafael is making history by appointing a male Ambassador, and it is exciting for me to be a part of breaking new ground. The goal is to further show the world that tights are unisex, and can be worn stylishly by both women and men. Tights are also some of the most practical items of clothing that a person can wear; the compression and warmth benefits are outstanding.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview with Junius.


  1. Really interesting read!

    It's amazing that such a relationship can develop via Instagram, very inspiring and just shows where a passion can actually take you!

    Thanks again,

    Kay ¦¦ Tights and Ladders

  2. Glad you like the interview. After the silly comments from Mark in The Apprentice on BBC last night, about tights being only a female market. here is the proof that it isn't!

  3. Great article and very encouraging. TV and media seem adamant about pushing an agenda. That is why I do not watch television.

  4. Great Article! Come say hi to Junius and see a huge movement for men wearing tights @

    See you there!!

  5. Excellent! At Ella B 'Nude Tights For All Skin Tones' we have all genders on our client list, and I hope to have an opportunity to cater for your hosiery requirements in due course.

  6. Thanks Ella. We look forward to featuring the Ella B 'Nude Tights For All Skin Tones' here at Hosiery For Men.