Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Hosiery For Men Best Of 2014 Awards: Part 1

As 2014 ends and the new year begins, we once again take the opportunity to reflect on the last 12 months from a hosiery perspective.

For the second year, we have created a 'Best of 2014' award to provide recognition to brands, retailers and others who have by their hard work, dedication and creativity made a great impression at the blog.

The award categories for 2014 are:

Hosiery retailer of the year
Brand of the year - men's tights
Brand of the year - women's and unisex tights
Best new opaque tights
Best new product - men's tights
Best new product - women's and unisex tights
Best men's hosiery product (non-tights)
Special award for championing men's hosiery

Here are the Hosiery For Men awards for the first four categories. Part 2 will follow shortly.

Category: Hosiery retailer of the year

Winner: UK Tights

We love UK Tights for everything they do. From the fantastic range of products to their lively and engaging social media presence. Not only that, they have maintained their commitment to providing a good range of men's tights, as well providing a great level of service to both genders.

UK Tights have always stated that when buying tights, gender is not an issue for them.

UK Tights have been consistent and generous supporters of Hosiery For Men and we once again thank them for all their encouragement and support.

Category: Brand of the year - men's tights

Winner: Comfort4Men

Comfort4Men won this award in 2013 and take the honours again for 2014.

Comfort4Men come out on top again for their total commitment to quality and constant innovation.

New styles keep on appearing, and the range of men's sheer tights, opaque tights, support tights and more that is now available is very impressive.

Comfort4Men also launched an innovative range of 'Silver Textile' products using a unique antimicrobial, heat balancing fabric designed to keep men cool and comfortable.

Brand of the year - women's and unisex tights

Winner: Wolford

This was a very close call between the 2013 winners FALKE and Wolford. Both make products of the highest quality.

However, Wolford really took hosiery to a new level in the year with the launch of their PURE 50 TIGHTS that combined advanced technology and premium materials.

This year we reviewed the Velvet De Luxe 50 Tights, the Velvet De Luxe 66 Tights and Long Distance Knee-Highs for men. All are excellent products and they provided us with great pleasure when wearing them.

Wolford also provided some great support to Hosiery For Men by providing samples that we have reviewed.

Category: Best new opaque tights

Winner: FALKE Pure Shine 80 Tights

We reviewed the new FALKE Pure Shine 80 Denier Opaque Tights this year and were very impressed. It seems that FALKE might be planning to phase out their superb Seidenglatt 70 Tights. If this is true then the Pure Shine 80 Tights are worthy replacement.

The Pure Shine 80 Tights are class. Wonderful soft yarn, great design and accurate sizing. The glossy sheen makes these perfect opaques to wear under trousers for all day comfort and a top wearing experience.

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