Friday, 2 January 2015

Hosiery shopping in Karstadt, Berlin

Hosiery For Men made a visit to Berlin over the holiday period.

You can read about our visit to the FALKE flagship store.

We also visited the largest branch of the Karstadt department store.

The store had one of the largest and best-organised hosiery departments we have ever seen. The assistants were very helpful and were happy to provided any information requested.

Of particular note were the very substantial selection of tights and other hosiery by the leading German brands FALKE and Kunert. 

There were also sections focused on Wolford, Hudson and the compression hosiery specialists ITEM m6.

Here are a few photos from the visit.


  1. I wear both tights, Pure Matt 100 and Warm Deluxe 80.
    I find the Warm Deluxe 80 definitely warmer than the Pure Matt 100.

    I buy most of my tights in a store/shop.
    I like to see and feel the tights before I am buying it.

    I like the step from CdR in assigning a Digital Ambassador for promoting tights for men.
    I am curious about how the other tights manufacturer like Falke and Wolford respond to it.
    They could make it easy in saying: You like tights, wear it, we have tights for everybody.

  2. That's like a visit to a chocolate factory for a child! We went to a large department store in Brussels on a visit and the whole floor was dedicated to hosiery - impressive!