Friday, 9 January 2015

Reviewed: Cecilia de Rafael Ave 70 Den Opaque Tights (Updated Review)

We first reviewed the Cecilia de Rafael Ave 70 Den Opaque Tights in 2012. You can still read our original review.
I just bought two more pairs of this style from the retailer DressMyLegs, which is based in Ireland.

Having given them an initial wear I felt it would be useful to update our review.

Material and features
The Cecilia de Rafael Ave 70 Den Opaque Tights are described as:

"Totally opaque and matt tights. Smart, cheerful and comfortable item. Aesthetics totally evenly, great elasticity and perfect fit. Sheer to waist tights with plain sewings. It has 70 den. but looks like a 100 den item."

I think Cecilia de Rafael need some help with their English translations here, but I am sure the gist of this is well understood.

DressMyLegs state:

"You'll love these super soft and totally opaque 70 Denier tights featuring all the comfort must-haves such as flat seams, shaped heel and cotton gusset."

The tights are packaged in a customary Cecilia de Rafael style. They are folded around a card which has information on the CdR range, then housed in a simple card enclosure wrapped in cellophane.

The tights are made from 90% Polyamide (Nylon) and 10% Elastane (Spandex).

The fabric is just amazingly soft and in quality compares with some of the very best brands.

The fabric has a very close weave and this accounts for the excellent level of opacity when worn. Even when the fabric is slightly more stretched at the knee and thigh, the tights provide a consistent and uniform coverage. This is why they look when worn like 100 denier tights.

They are sheer to waist, with superb flat seams. The waistband is a wide and comfortable 4cm. This is deeper than in our original review. So it is clear that CdR have updated this style.

There is a 3.5cm reinforced strip on each side of the central seam in the brief.

The toes have a narrow reinforcement band. Heels are shaped.

In the size 5 that I tested, there is a rear comfort panel. Sizes 1 to 4 have a cotton gusset.

These tights have a very slight sheen, when catching the light. My impression though is that these tights are shinier and have more stretch than the older version.

Fit and sizing
The Cecilia de Rafael Ave 70 Den Opaque Tights are available in five sizes: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.

I tested a size 5 and the fit was perfect. The sizing information on then packet indicates that these would fit up to 190cm (more than 6') and they certainly have an excellent amount of stretch provided by the 10% Elastane content.

The brief in the size 5, which has a back panel, is very generous and comfortable stretched over my hips.

These tights will stay up and will need very little pulling up or adjusting. The fabric clings to the curve of your legs and stays there.

Colour range
The Cecilia de Rafael Ave 70 Den Opaque Tights are available in range of colours from DressMyLegs:

  • Negro (Black)
  • Marino (Bark Navy Blue)
  • Aubergine
  • Blu Notte
I tested pairs in Negro and Marino.

Price and availability
The Cecilia de Rafael Ave 70 Den Opaque Tights are available at DressMyLegs at a discounted price of just €7.95. This is a real bargain and only available for a few more days so be quick!

Service is extremely friendly and items are despatched quickly. International postage is €5.95 and free for orders of over €50.00.

I have updated this review as I feel that the Ave opaques have been significantly improved since we first assessed them nearly three years ago,

As mentioned above, the fabric fits much better and there is more stretch providing a perfect fit.

The tights also have a much better glide under trousers.

I think these tights are a great choice for men, particularly with the wide range of dark and neutral shades available.

I ended the original review wondering how I might purchase the Ave opaques in the UK. Well, Ireland is not the UK but we are close neighbours. It is great that DressMyLegs have now made it easy to obtain this style.

I am really very pleased with these tights. I can see why DressMyLegs say: "You'll never want to take off!"


  1. Thank you, Bill, for taking time to review this amazing product and write up such a detailed account of your experience. It's certainly one of our favourite opaque tights and the colours are very muted yet classy - great to see an accessory that both men and women can enjoy!

  2. I have bought these tights recently and I love them even saying they are fantastic with the fit, feel, look etc comes to mind

  3. Been looking at these for sometime thinking of getting a pair or 2. It is time I try 2 pairs first to see what they look like on from what I have read bet I will love wearing them.