Monday, 12 January 2015

Reviewed: Wolford Cotton Velvet Tights

We were really pleased when the top European hosiery brand Wolford sent us a consignment of tights and socks late last year to trial and review. 

We have previously reviewed

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We now focus on the Wolford Cotton Velvet Tights.

Material and features

Wolford describe these tights as:

'Opaque tights in a velvety soft cotton mix. Soft against the skin and comfortable to wear, thanks to its high cotton content.'

Packaging is similar to most Wolford styles, although somewhat bulkier.The tights are folded and enclosed in a card sleeve that is then housed in a cellophane envelope. The rear of the packaging provides product and sizing information.

The Wolford Cotton Velvet Tights are made from 49% Cotton, 46% Polyamide (Nylon) and 5% Elastane.

The tights looked impressively long as I took them out of the packaging. The XL size that Wolford sent me fits 6'1"+ and it is clear that this size would easily accommodate tall women and men.

The fabric feels really soft and quite different to the touch to most cotton opaque tights. 

Opaque coverage is dense and even throughout, without being completely opaque.

The tights are sheer to waist with no demarcation between the leg and the brief.

Toes are lightly reinforced and the reinforcement is scarcely visible.

Seams are flat and expertly engineered.

One interesting feature of Wolford tights in the XL size is that there is no rear comfort panel. There is a gusset that looks as if it has been made from the same fabric.

The waistband is 3cm wide and knitted to provide support and comfort.

As with all Wolford tights, there is a label attached to the inside of the waistband.

The brief is very deep and roomy. Perfect for men who need more space in that area!

Fit and sizing

The Wolford Cotton Velvet Tights are available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL.

I tested a pair in the XL size.

The XL size in the Cotton Velvet Tights is very generous indeed. They provided a lovely fit for my 5'10" height but would easily accommodate a taller person.

These tights are a really comfortable wear. Although primarily cotton, they are not bulky at all especially when worn under pants. The fabric is so smooth that clothes glide over it with ease.

The brief is especially comfortable, stretching with ease over the hips and higher if needed.

Colour range
The Wolford Cotton Velvet Tights are available in a range of colours: 

  • Ecrue 
  • Mocca 
  • Admiral 
  • Black 
  • Black Chine 
  • Anthracite Mele 
  • Coca-Mele
I tested a pair in Black. The images below show the Cotton Velvet Tights in Admiral and Anthracite Mele.

Price and availability
The Wolford Cotton Velvet Tights are priced at £30.00 in the UK.

They are available from the Wolford UK shop, and the Wolford Online Shop where you can select the country you are based in. In the USA, for example, they are priced at $60.00.

They are also available from one of our favourite online retailers Luxury Legs, who have them in stock in Black, Admiral (Dark Blue) and Anthracite Mele.

The Wolford Cotton Velvet Tights are one of the very best models of cotton tights we have reviewed here. The fabric is superb and they are reflect Wolford's deserved reputation for quality.

The sizing options are excellent for men, who will find that L and XL sizes provide all that is needed for fit and comfort.

The price might be an issue for some people, but as we have said before at Hosiery For Men, you get what you pay for. Quality does not come cheap and good tights are always an investment as all of you Wolford fans will already know.


Thanks again to Wolford for the sample and for their support for the Hosiery For Men blog.


  1. Nice idea from Wolford to send you this sample for test.
    I like these tights, too, very comfortable.

    Have you ever received an official feedback from Wolford on your tights recommendations for men?
    As I know Wolford top management is "not amused" about men wearing tights.

  2. Hi Anon. Well Wolford sent me the samples so that indicates they are not hostile to men wearing tights. The communications I have had with them have all been positive.

  3. Do you recommend these over the Wolford VElvet 66? Thanks.

  4. I would recommend both of them. However the XL size in the Cotton Velvet is slightly larger I feel than the corresponding XL size in the Velvet 66, and has a deeper brief.

  5. I'd say Wolford is the best brand for tall people (both men and woman), as their Large and XL sizes are quite wide. Of course, all the velvet range of Wolford is perfect for any occasion. It's being really hard for UK Tights to get enough stock of them this Autumn-Winter, as they're really popular!
    Very complete review, as always!