Friday, 24 April 2015

Reviewed: Oroblu All Colours 50 Denier 3D Slide Touch Tights

The Irish hosiery retailer DressMyLegs sent Hosiery For Men a selection of tights to trial and review.

You can read our reviews of the following styles that they stock:

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We know focus on the Oroblu All Colours 50 Denier 3D Slide Touch Tights.

These tights came very highly recommended by DressMyLegs for their unique silky feel that makes them great to wear under clothes. DressMyLegs told us that they were particularly suitable for wear under trousers.

Material and features

The Oroblu All Colours 50 Denier 3D Slide Touch Tights are described by DressMyLegs as follows:

Brighten up your wardrobe with a different colour every day in a pair of these 50 Denier opaque tights. Available in the most trendy colours, they are made using 3D technology which gives them incredibly soft and silky feel and lets clothes glide over.

The tights come in quite sturdy, typical Oroblu packaging. The tights are enclosed in a cellophane sleeve which is then housed in a robust card envelope

The tights are made from 90% polyamide and 10% elastane.They have an incredibly soft feel and the fabric is very stretchy.

Opacity is consistent but not total, as you would expect with 50 denier. There is a slight sheen.

Seams are flat. There was no rear comfort panel in the L/XL size; all sizes have a plain gusset. Toes have no reinforcement.

The tights are sheer to waist with a 3.5cm wide waistband.

Fit and sizing
The Oroblu All Colours 50 Denier 3D Slide Touch Tights are available in two sizes: S/M and L/XL.

I tested the L/XL size.

As mentioned above, this Oroblu style has an impressive amount of stretch. The fit is exceptional and like a second skin.

The tights feel incredibly soft and smooth when worn, and mould themselves to your legs.

The waistband is particularly comfortable, along with the brief which is deep and stretches over the hips with ease.

The high Elastane content helps the tights stay in position and they needed very little adjustment.

As the 'Slide Touch' name indicates, these tights perform exactly as expected. Jeans or trousers just glide over them. The feeling when worn is very nice indeed.

Colour range
The Oroblu All Colours 50 Denier 3D Slide Touch Tights are available in a wide range of colours including:

Beige 7
Orange 6
Violet 7
Grey 8
Blue 11
Bordeaux 5
Brown 4
Coral 3
Garden 2
Red 10
Fuxia 7
Blue 12
Green 18
Cobalto 7

I tested a pair in the Blue 11 shade.


Price and availability
The Oroblu All Colours 50 Denier 3D Slide Touch Tights are priced at €11.95.

Service is excellent at DressMyLegs and items are despatched quickly.

International postage is €5.95 and free for orders of over €50.00.


It's always good to try something new from Orublu as their products are such good quality. We have reviewed several Oroblu styles here already.

The Oroblu All Colours 50 Denier 3D Slide Touch Tights were even better than I expected them to be.

The wearing experience is exceptional, and they are perfect under trousers. The glide is wonderful and at this time of year the 50 denier fabric is just what is needed for a bit of additional warmth when needed.

Highly recommended.

Thanks again to DressMyLegs for the samples and their support for the Hosiery For men blog.


  1. Pleasure as always! Thank you for such a detailed and helpful review - we are sure it will assist many men (and women!) looking for high quality opaques! :-)

  2. Thank You for this review after reading it this is on my next list of must haves I just love having a choice of colors. I will wear any color made and any style. Thank You again for this review