Sunday, 26 April 2015

What does she think?

What does she think?

This is the question posed by another men's hosiery blogger Christopher James, the writer and creator of the blog LegStyle.

Christopher explains why he started the LegStyle blog:

I have decided to write on behalf of all men who, like me, have worn tights for many years, and have always wondered "Why are they considered a woman's garment?" Like jeans, and button up shirts, or anything else you would consider a Man's Garment... Tights were once only for men. This was back before women were allowed to wear pants, or even show their legs. Thankfully times have changed, and women can now wear whatever they want... so why can't men?

In his latest blog post, 'What does she think?', Christopher provides an opportunity for women to share their opinions on men wearing tights.

He explains:

Now it's time to open the floor to the women. If there are any women, wives, girlfriends, etc. out there that wish to voice your opinion on the subject of men wearing tight, leggings, anything LegStyle related... This post is for you!

What do you think of your man wearing tights... or men in general wearing LegStyle garments as apart of their everyday attire?

Does your man wear LegStyle, or if you're single, would you date a man that does?

What would you do if you came home, and caught your man wearing a pair of tights? It's a shock at first, but he say's they're comfortable, and he wants to wear them more openly with shorts....

Would it make a difference if you knew the tights were designed / made just for the male anatomy?

Do you think tights should be made available in the men's department, so we men can stay out of the women's department?

I know that Hosiery For Men has quite a large female readership, so if you would like to comment and share your opinions, do pay a visit to LegStyle. There are some interesting comments already!


  1. I love this blog post...

    As I have previously voiced during the amazing interview you kindly published on your page, for me it's very normal for men to wear tights. (as a child growing up my father had an intensive manual job working outside).

    Although recently i do feel people's perceptions are changing yet again and men are becoming a lot more open to wearing tights again e.g. your interview with The Independent and I've recently seen a few footballers sporting tights! ❤

    So yes, think I'll pop over to LegStyle...

    Glad to see you're back and I hope you're well!

    Kay x | Tights and Ladders

  2. What do you guys mostly wear? Opaques or sheers?

  3. I have the feeling the type of fabric has to do with who should wear them.
    Thin nylon "has to be" for women.
    Thicker fabric for sports (even for footballers) looks different to the eyes of most I believe. In fact they are not even called the same as tights in my language.
    Understand what I mean?
    I would love to have the courage to wear skin tone tights with shorts, one day maybe....but that means I also need to shave my legs!! :-)

  4. another brave guy from Belgium -------

  5. i wear everyday all day long under my pants when out cause society feels its unexceptable for men to wear they label ridicule, am as straight as can be I wear all styles and colors do have to say I love the glossy ones most of all makes my legs look great feels great love the support they give plus the warmth on cooler days when home I wear openly in the house love the freedom to bad its only at home I can do this

  6. Look great as men can wear tights or leggings as it cover legs I do the same as well..