Tuesday, 12 April 2016

Interview with Jeffrey Scott Part 1

We recently posted a great piece by the designer and 'tights guy', Jeffrey Scott on '10 Steps for men to wear tights as fashion.'

It was a very popular post and has been shared widely on social media and elsewhere.

Jeffrey Scott is a designer who creates form-fitting tights that are designed for a man's body and made of specially chosen fabrics.

On the Jeffrey Scott website you can see the wide selection of men's tights in both solid fabrics and prints.

We recently spoke to Jeffrey and are pleased to publish Part 1 one of our interview.

Can you tell Hosiery For Men readers a bit about yourself?
My name is
Jeffrey Scott. I am the owner and designer of the Jeffrey Scott brand of sportswear for men. I have been a lover of tight clothing since the early 80s, and have made it part of my everyday fashion for the last several years. I am an advocate and friend to guys that enjoy hosiery and leggings as fetish, for medical need, for fashion and for comfort.

Why did you start the Jeffrey Scott sportswear business?I was shopping for some tights to wear while running the marathon in Chicago. I wanted the compression for muscle recovery, moisture wicking, and support for my bulge that would last through the whole race. Through my search I began to notice the women’s tights fabrics were much more comfortable than the men’s and they had many more colors and prints available. After trying on many men’s and women’s tights with pros and cons, I decided to sew my own perfect pair with all the benefits and none of the cons in commercially available tights.

After running the marathon I continued to explore new prints and fabrics, and continued to tweak my design. A friend suggested that I sell my tights online. 8 months later I had the Jeffrey-scott.net website up and running, ready for online sales.

What kinds of products are available at Jeffrey Scott?
I sell tights, trunks and shorts for men; all are the same design with different length. Tights are great for workouts and fashion, trunks can be used for warmer weather, and shorts are fantastic for yoga, swimwear and workouts that necessitate more range of motion. My fabrics are chosen to be functional and look good. I have many solid colored fabrics that excel either in wicking, breathability, movement or tightness. I also have vibrant prints that add some fun to your day, or your workout.

How did you go about designing and making men’s sports and athletic tights?
My biggest struggle when designing my tights for the marathon was support. I wanted to wear tights without underwear. Underwear tends to hold sweat and sweat promotes bacteria growth. Wicking fabrics only wick the sweat away if it is touching your skin. The problem was if I didn’t wear underwear with my tights, my bulge would fall down my leg and become uncomfortable.

My focus was to build support into the design, keeping the fabric’s ability to wick moisture from between my legs. This took a lot of studying, many prototypes and several changes to the standard tights patterns. I eventually got it right; tights that are work without underwear that allow moisture to wick away while giving support throughout the day.

Stay tuned for Part 2.


  1. Finally!!! I love his product! I own 2 pairs so far and plan to buy more in the future.

  2. Nice to read. I love the fabrics. Just the pouch design is not my thing. I like it flat, and not accentuating, but that's a personal taste, of course. ;-)