Thursday, 21 April 2016

Tights For Men FAQs published by UK Tights

UK Tights have just published Hosiery For Men's answers to a series of questions that are asked frequently by male customers.

This feature is published on the men's tights page at UK Tights, where you can find easily the best ranges of men's tights from any UK hosiery retailer. The 
ActviskinMaximus and Glamory brands are all stocked here.

You can see the FAQs by clicking on the (i) symbol at the top of the page.

Q: What kinds of tights are best for men?

A: It's really up to you! The range of styles these days is better than ever. Just like women, men's tastes differ and individuals will have their own preferences. However, in general men prefer opaque tights. These are thicker, warmer and more robust than sheer or semi-sheer tights. They will also generally last longer and perhaps survive the greater amount of wear than men might expect from them.

Opaque tights also tend to most popular as they provide insulation and warmth. That is one of the main reasons men wear tights; especially men working outdoors or taking part in outdoor activities.

When worn under trousers some opaque tights look just like socks, and that is perhaps an advantage for those men who might be a bit worried that someone could tell they are wearing tights.

Q: How can I get tights that will fit me?

A: Men will generally need larger sizes that fit taller people. It is essential to pay close attention to the sizing information provided, and check the height information in particular.

Key factors for men will be the leg length and a brief that has plenty of depth. You should also look for tights that have a good percentage of Lycra/Elastane - this is a type of yarn that provides stretch and also ensure that the tights fit closely and mould themselves comfortably to your legs.

One-size tights are not usually a good option for men. Plus size ranges are often worth looking at. In general, better quality and more expensive brands provide a better range of sizes and good quality features.

I would recommend brands such as Falke and Wolford in particular as many men have provided such good feedback about their fit and quality.

Q: How do I put tights on?

A: It goes without saying that tights are, in general, more delicate than socks. They need to be handled carefully. It is best to keep nails trimmed, and special hosiery gloves can also be useful. 

If you are wearing them for the first time these are useful steps to follow:

1. Sit down on a chair or your bed.
2. Roll the tights down to the toe on one leg, and then pull them carefully over the toe and heel. Repeat this for the other foot.
3. Now pull up each leg - equally stretched - up to over the knees.
4. Now standing up, pull the tights up carefully and evenly up to the crotch.
5. Finally pull the tights up over the waist.

Q: Are there tights made specifically for men (men's tights)?
A: Yes, there are tights made for men as well as unisex tights. The range of men's tights has expanded greatly in recent years and more manufacturers are designing and marketing men's tights as part of their product range.

Actviskin is a well-known brand from the USA and a range of their styles are stocked by UK Tights. Maximus is another brand of men’s tights developed by UK Tights.

Q: Is it okay for men to wear women's tights?

A: Yes, of course. The quality and sizing options in many brands of women's tights has improved greatly and many men are happy to buy tights made for women when they know the quality and fit will be right.

Many manufacturers are aware that their tights are popular with men and ensure that their sizing choices are more generous.

I would recommend Wolford, Falke and Kunert in particular as the sizing options are generous and they provide a great fit for taller people.

Don't be put off by packaging that is aimed at women. It's the quality of the tights that counts.

Q: How should I wash my tights?

A: Some people wash their tights after every wear. But it's okay to wear them a few times and then wash them if that suits. The important thing is to wash them with care and not damage them.

The best way is to wash by hand. Take your tights, turn them inside out and soak them in a sink or bowl of lukewarm water. Add a small amount of laundry detergent or hosiery wash; the best kind is the type made for delicates or for hand washing.

Let the tights soak for half an hour to an hour. Now rinse and rinse again with cool or cold water until there are no more suds.

Squeeze them gently to remove water. Do not wring them dry as this can damage the tights.
Hang them to dry in your shower. Don't put them on top of a hot radiator or in the spin dryer as this can also damage the yarns in the tights.

You can also wash tights in the washing machine. If you do this you will need to place them in a special hosiery wash bag. Make sure also that you wash them on a delicates cycle at a low temperature.


  1. excellent article. As for me, I am fan of tights woman whose choice is much more varied. As a man I am more adept thin tights; even if the winter opaque tights are present. The purpose tights spin course faster, but if you get used to wearing them every day, every accident with tights leads us to be more attentive, like our female colleagues. The sticky ends are softness, lightness that can wear them under pants and get a feeling of softness. Color flesh, they opeuvent easily be worn under shorts allowing the man to get out in tights carefree - but be careful not to take shiny tights. And for me, one brand, Wolford

  2. Good article and I agree with much of what was said. Being a smaller guy I can wear both men's and women's styled hosiery. One other brand that is quite good and resilient is what I am wearing at the moment- Omsa. While not inexpensive, it is a slightly more affordable brand than Wolford and Falke although Omsa does not offer the same range of style and color choices that those brands do. I recommend the Omsa Superlativa seamless 20 and 40 styles for the male wearer who wants unbinding comfort, conducive to the male anatomy. They have a slight toe reinforcement and strong stitching at the toe and waist, making them durable for many wears. I wear with either shorts or trousers alike with the same soft feel from waist to toe! Admittedly, I would never part with my Wolford Perfectly 30 tights for sure! Omsa is like my little secret alternative "go to" tight. I admit that I learn a great deal from this blog. Thanks to all who contribute!!