Tuesday, 24 May 2016

Reviewed: Bianca Miller London 15 Denier Nude Tights

The entrepreneur Bianca Miller launched her own brand of nude tights for different skin tones in 2015.

The key concept behind Bianca Miller London has been to redefine ‘nude’ by catering to women of all complexions, with a range of skin tones. The initial collection includes tights and lace hold-ups.

Bianca Miller, created the brand after her own personal frustration of not being able to purchase the right colour for her skin tone. She entered BBC Business competition ‘The Apprentice’ in 2014 and beat 80,000 applicants and 18 candidates to make it to the final where she proposed her concept for ‘True Skin’. 

The show culminated in a hotly contested final but in AW 2015 ‘Bianca Miller London’ was born, with the brand intending to build on the direct enquiries from viewers of ‘The Apprentice’, where the brand proposition was viewed by over 120 million people worldwide.

The tights were launched as part of the new Bianca Miller London brand. You can find out more about the brand on the Bianca Miller London website. You can also follow Bianca Miller London on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Bianca Miller London kindly sent Hosiery For Men a sample of the Bianca Miller London 15 Denier Nude Tights to trial and review.


The Bianca Miller London 15 Denier Nude Tights are elegantly packaged. The tights are folded around a card rectangle and then wrapped in a clear cellophane sleeve. Everything is then enclosed in a sturdy card envelope.

Material and features

The Bianca Miller London 15 Denier Nude Tights are described as:

15 Denier Gloss Tights. Bianca Miller London tights are designed to compliment your natural complexion by giving your legs coverage with a beautiful sheen. Silky and smooth to touch, these luxurious tights are perfect to complete a polished look – day and night.
The tights are made from 90% Nylon and 10% Elastane (LYCRA®).

They are not sheer to waist sheer tights, but have a brief/panty that is made of a denser yarn. The demarcation is very clear as can be seen in the photo below.

The tights feel very soft and smooth to the touch. When worn they have definite glossy sheen.

Seams are conventional (not flat) throughout. The brief/panty is pretty much low rather than high waist. The waistband is 3cm wide. The l/XL size that I trialled has a rear comfort panel.

Toes are lightly reinforced.

Fit and sizing

The Bianca Miller London 15 Denier Nude Tights are available in three sizes:

  • Small/Medium 
  • Medium/Large 
  • Large/Extra Large 

I tested the the Large/Extra Large size.

The L/XL size just about fitted by 5'10" height, but the tights were pretty much at full stretch. As mentioned above, the brief is somewhat low rise. It stretched above the waist but I would really have preferred a slightly deeper and more roomy fit.

The leg portion of the tights fitted really well on the leg with no bunching or wrinkling. They also felt very comfortable, with an overall pleasant wearing experience.

Colour range

The Bianca Miller London 15 Denier Nude Tights are available in eight nude skin tones:

I tried the Sand shade. This is described as:

A warm tone to give paler skins the more tanned look, perfect for Olive skin tones.

Price and availability

The Bianca Miller London 15 Denier Nude Tights retail for £12.00.


Firstly, I would like to congratulate Bianca Miller for her work in launching a new hosiery brand and creating such a buzz about it. That clearly takes enormous amounts of time and energy. It must be really pleasing for her to see her nude hosiery available in a range of stores.

Secondly, the Bianca Miller London brand is make an important contribution to diversity in hosiery. This development is being led by a number of remarkable women of colour who are committed to creating more inclusive products.

Reviewing the tights for a male perspective, I would have to state that the sizing was somewhat on the small size. If a genuine, standalone XL or plus size was created then this would be a definite improvement. I am sure that would also appreciated by larger women as well.

The retail price of £12.00 puts these tights very much in a mid-range pricing bracket and for that I think a number of other features could be included, such as making the tights sheer to waist and with flat seams.

The Bianca Miller London brand is still developing so hopefully feedback like this will be taken on board.

Thanks to Bianca Miller London for providing the sample to Hosiery For Men. We wish the brand all the best and hope it can continue to grow and develop.

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