Saturday, 25 June 2016

Introducing Love Your Legs

Love Your Legs is a new tights and hosiery online retailer.

Love Your Legs say:

"We are a committed company who's aim it is to keep our customers happy and ensure that the products we supply are excellent quality and affordable. We stock everything from tights as well as leggings, socks, shape wear and stockings that are all a part of our own brand as well as introducing other brands. "

We recently spoke to Claire from Love Your Legs and are pleased to publish this feature.

Can you provide Hosiery For Men readers with some background to Love Your Legs? When did the business start and how has it developed?

Love Your Legs and Warmlegs are brands owned by Peri Legwear. Peri Legwear has been supplying tights to high street retailers for 25 years. We source from manufacturers in Europe and the Far East and we are continually developing new styles and improving our quality to ensure that we can offer the best products to our customers. We set up our on-line ordering website in 2015.

In a crowded online hosiery retailing market what is unique about Love Your Legs?

Whereas many other on-line retailers only sell other suppliers brands, Loveyourlegs and Warmlegs are our own brands, so we always have stock of core lines and the quality is consistent.

You have your own Loveyourlegs brand. Can you tell us more about this?

The Loveyourlegs brand offers a wide range of styles/sizes/colours. We offer basic sheer tights, knee highs, ankle highs and footlets as well as opaque tights, trouser socks and patterned fashion styles. We were one of the first suppliers to sell lightweight thermal tights, leggings and socks under our 
Warmlegs brand.

Do you have many male customers?

Yes we have male customers. Our website was only launched in September last year and approximately 15% of our sales are to male customers. As we get more established we will hopefully see a rise in this number. We also have feedback from stores that some men do buy our products.

Are there any particular items that you have in stock that you can recommend for men?

We sell thermal tights, leggings and socks under our Warmlegs brand, and stores have said that many men buy these products for themselves. We also stock some of our standard Loveyourlegs styles in sizes Large and Extra Large which are suitable for men. We also stock the Adrian brand on-line which come in Large and Extra Large sizes.

What kind of service will male customers receive at Love Your Legs? Do you welcome enquiries and requests for advice?

We offer a very welcoming service, and are always happy to give advice on information on any of the styles we sell. We can even offer discreet packaging on request for male customers. Male customers get exactly the same service as female customers as we class all our customers as the same.

There is always quite a lot of media interest in the subject of tights for men. What are your thoughts about the greater visibility of men buying and wearing tights?

It is fantastic that there is greater visibility of men wearing tights in the media. After all, historically men were the first to wear tights. Anything which encourages anyone to wear exactly what they want is useful.

To men thinking about trying tights, what would you say are the main benefits of wearing them?

The main benefits of wearing tights are comfort, coverage and warmth.

Are you thinking about stocking any men’s tights?

We would consider stocking men's tights in the future as this is a growing market. However our research does show that most men prefer womens tights as they are better quality.

What are your plans for the future at Love Your Legs? 

Our plans for the future are to continue to develop new styles/fabrics and sizes in the Loveyourlegs and Warmlegs brands, and to become more established in the on-line retail sector.

Thanks for speaking to Hosiery For Men Claire. I hope our readers will check out Love Your Legs. It's good to know how much you value male customers.

You can follow Love Your Legs on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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