Monday, 1 August 2016

Reviewed: Wolford Pure 10 Tights

We were really excited when UK Tights sent us a pair of the Wolford Pure 10 Tights to trial and review.

Wolford launched their unique and innovative Pure range last year. The impact has been immense and has further enhanced the Austrian company's reputation for product design and innovation.

We have already reviewed the Wolford Pure 50 Tights, which we were hugely impressed with.

We now focus on the Pure 10 Tights.

Wolford state that the Pure 10 Tights build on the award-winning Pure 50 style. This is how they describe them:

"Their new and unique material that’s softer than silk and their innovative bonding technique developed by Wolford mean that these tights are unrivaled in the industry: the new Pure 10 Tights, which will be on the market in November 2015, are revolutionizing how we understand tights in their own, delicate way."

"Two things make the Pure 10 Tights new and unique: their seams are finely bonded using the unique technique developed by Wolford and are therefore almost invisible, so that these 10-denier tights appear especially smooth and are barely visible even under tight clothing. The material is also revolutionary: A new fiber, a third finer than silk, makes the Pure 10 Tights the softest tights you can imagine. The wearer will barely feel that they are there and her legs will look great."


Packaging is similar to other Wolford tights. The tights are folded around a card rectangle, with images of Wolford products, which is then housed in a folded card envelope. Everything is then wrapped in a cellophane envelope.

Material and features

The Wolford Pure 10 Tights are made from 73% Polyamide and 27% Elastane.

The yarn used has an amazing softness and silky feel. On close inspection, you can see just how fine and thin the yarn is.

As with the Pure 50 Tights, the major innovation is the use of new bonding technology that enables the seams of the panty/brief to be smoothly glued together rather than sewn. This ensure that this part of the brief is completely flat and invisible under close fitting clothing.

The Pure 10 Tights have a 10 denier appearance and matt finish.

The panty/brief has a cotton gusset. The flat glued seam runs around this also. The finish is absolutely expertly executed. I don't think I have ever seen a tights gusset that is so well made.

The tights are not sheer to waist: there is a slight demarcation between the leg and the brief.

Toes are lightly reinforced and are constructed as a "shadow toe".

The Pure 10 Tights have a 5.5cm wide waistband. This is an extra wide and new design from Wolford. As with all Wolford tights, there is a label attached to the inside of the waistband.

Fit and sizing

The Wolford Pure 10 Tights are available in four sizes at UK Tights: XS, S, M, L and XL.

I tested a pair in the XL size.

As with the Pure 50 Tights, the fit was wonderful. The tights have a wonderful silky, stretchy quality and fit snugly on every part of the leg and lower body. There is no wrinkling or bunching anywhere even when the leg moves.

The tights have a 'barely there' look on the leg.

The feel against the skin is quite exceptional and quite unlike any other sheer tights I have worn.

The waistband is simply a masterpiece of design that delivers total comfort and support.

Colour range

The Wolford Pure 10 Tights are available from UK Tights in six colours: 

  • Black 
  • Nearly Black 
  • Dark Navy 
  • Caramel 
  • Gobi 
  • Fairly Light 
I tested a pair in the Fairly Light shade.


Price and availability

The Wolford Pure 10 Tights are priced at £30.99.


When we reviewed the Pure 50 Tights we reflected on their relatively high price. At £30.99 the Wolford Pure 10 Tights are also clearly not a cheap pair of tights.

But that's a key point: these are not an ordinary pair of tights. They are one of the most advanced designs on the market. The technology, planning and design that has gone into the Pure range is an investment that Wolford has made to try and bring customers a superior product that will provide a great wearing experience.

When you buy these tights you are paying a price that reflects this innovation and commitment. The difference ultimately is between a very good pair of tights, and an exceptional one. And the Pure 10 are indeed exceptional and we given them a very strong recommendation.

At the price they won't be for everyone, but if you try them you won't regret it.

Thanks again to our friends at UK Tights for the sample and for their support for the Hosiery For Men blog.


  1. At the price they won't be for everyone, but if you try them you won't regret it.
    That's true,because its just the ordinary tights,that's it! Honestly for this price I just even dont wanna try :)
    The technology, planning and design that has gone into the Pure range...actually its called MARKETING and nothing new can be in this tights.I think this brand is overrated and overpriced,plus tights for 30 quid its not for everyday; its for ladies and parties only.For this price they should be bulletproof tights,but they arent and you can laddered them easily.I'd better buy any italian or polish brand tights for that money.Thanks for watching.

  2. Tout simplement un collant de rêve, naturellement signé Wolford

  3. Not too fragile? Considering they are so thin...

  4. I was hoping you'd have a review already of the Neon 40s. I've ordered a pair in Cosmetic, and they're en route, supposed to arrive tomorrow.

  5. I have a pair of the Neon 40s Eric, but haven't got round to doing the review yet. But you will really like them. They are also an exceptional Wolford product.