Sunday, 18 September 2016

Guest review: ITEM m6 Easy Line Super Light Matt Tights from Divine Legs

In the last few months it has been great to see more guys blogging about wearing tights and other legwear.

It's another sure sign that more and more people don't see tights as gendered clothing, but something that everyone can wear.

One of the blogs Hosiery For Men readers should check out, if they haven''t done so already, is GeeLynn, where you can read some great posts on tattoo tights for men, reflections on men wearing tights, the ranges of men's tights that are now available and much more.

Glyn, the writer of the GeeLynn blog, has contributed a guest review for Hosiery For Men readers of the ITEM m6 Easy Line Super Light Matt Tights from Divine Legs.

We recently interviewed Christine Nicholson, the founder of Divine Legs, and you can read this feature here.

Guest review of the ITEM m6 Easy Line Super Light Matt Tights

Divine Legs is a new company set up to deliver quality hosiery via a subscription but there are two specific features that stand out. First of all, they have a very narrow product range because they have gone out, tested and sourced some high quality products to cover all bases. Secondly, the subscription model is totally flexible so you aren’t tied in to any long term commitments. Essentially, you choose your product, configure your subscription and away you go.

I contacted the owner, Christine to discuss product options and she recommended the Easy Line Super Light Matt Tights in Powder. Made by Item M6, they are a 20 denier matt product. I tried the Large+ size, as I tend to go for XL sizes when buying tights.

When the tights arrived, I thought they were very well packaged. When worn, they have a wide waistband and a back panel, making them comfortable around the waist. They don’t come up too high on the waist, and comfortably sit around the same height as I would wear boxers with the possibility to stretch much higher if needed. They have enough tension in the fabric to keep them up all day, so I tended to forget they were on and didn’t have to make pit stops to yank them up during the day! 

At 20 denier they are very durable and are well constructed, even having a reinforced heel as well as the toe.

Visually, they are matt with a slight sheen in bright sunlight. The important thing for me is that the cosmetic effect is excellent. They have an even skin tone, thin enough to appear invisible but with enough coverage to hide my uneven leg colour (I have white vitiligo patches over my lower legs). So I felt able to wear these under shorts with confidence that would cover up imperfections in my own skin while being discreet enough not to attract attention to the fact that I am wearing tights.

As with most hosiery products, these items are marketed to women but Divine Legs do welcome male customers and seem to be investing time in understanding the hosiery market for men.

Highly recommended.

Thanks for the guest review Glyn. Stay tuned for our review of the ITEM m6 Beauty Tights which will be published this week.

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