Tuesday, 20 September 2016

Reviewed: Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs

We haven't reviewed many styles of knee-highs at Hosiery For Men, so were pleased when UK Tights sent us a pair of the new Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs to trial and review.

These are part of the expanding Cette Size Plus range which are particularly suitable for men.

You can read our review of the superb Cette Sochi 120 denier Plus Size Cotton Tights, that are also now in stock at UK Tights.

UK Tights provide the following description of the Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs.

"There really is nothing more irritating than having your knee highs cutting into your legs or rolling down as they're not the right size. Here's the answer. The Orleans Wide Knee Highs are perfect if you require a bit more width in the leg. They are approximately 25% wider than the regular knee highs on the market today. No more elastic digging in, no more slipping down, just comfort and style which is of course what we've come to expect from a superior brand such as Cette."


Packaging is quite straightforward and functional. The knee-highs are folded around a plain card rectangle, which is then housed in a folded card. Everything is then wrapped in a cellophane envelope.

Material and features

The Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs are made from 93% Polyamide and 7% Elastane.

The material is very soft and smooth, with just a very slight shine.

Opacity is dense and even throughout.

As UK Tights have stated, these knee-highs are about 25% wider to suit people with larger calves. They certainly appeared to be more generously designed.

At the top of the knee-highs is a 4.5cm wide cuff which has been knitted to be much denser than the rest of the leg.

Toes are rounded and have no reinforcement.

Fit and sizing

The Cette Orleans 60 Denier Knee-Highs are available in single 'wide' size only.

Fit was really excellent. The knee-highs reached comfortably to just below the knee without any over stretching. The material clings to the leg without any wrinkling.

The comfort cuff was revelation. It gripped superbly without any digging in. The knee highs stayed up for the whole day I wore them and needed no pulling up or adjusting.

I have quite large calves and they accommodated them perfectly.

Colour range

The Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs are available from UK Tights in three colours:

  • Black 
  • Blue Black 
  • Coca
I tested the in the Blue Black shade.

Price and availability

The Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs are priced at £5.99.


Cette really do make excellent products and we have enjoyed wearing all the styles we have trialled at Hosiery For Men.

The Cette Orleans 60 Denier Wide Knee-Highs are perfect for people like me with larger calves. They are a comfortable wear all day. The cuff is so well made that you won't actually be aware that you are wearing them after a while.

They would be a good alternative to 60 denier tights under trousers if the weather isn't very cold. Plus the opacity is good so they could easily pass for socks.

They would also be a good choice for travel - they weigh very little and will take up hardly any space in luggage. Plus they can be rinsed and dried in a faction of the time of conventional cotton or wool socks.


Thanks to UK Tights for the sample and for their support for the Hosiery For Men blog.

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