Saturday, 17 September 2016

Spotlight on Wade & Bell

We recently received a sample of the Wade & Belle Not Too Tights Black Opaque Tights.

The Wade & Belle brand was launched by two sisters, Dori and Ilissa Howard, who were tired of wearing tights that were, simply put, too tight.

We recently interviewed Dori and are pleased to now publish our conversation for Hosiery For Men readers.

Can you provide some background to Wade & Bell? Why did you develop this new hosiery brand?

My sister and I both got our start in corporate America in New York so we found ourselves wearing tights often. We always found the top of whatever tights we bought to be uncomfortably tight, so our solution was to take a pair of scissors and cut off the top of the elastic. This made the tights much more comfortable, but they also looked ragged and terrible.

One Thanksgiving I ended up cutting off too much of the elastic and my tights keep creeping down. My sister looked at me and said, “Why don’t we make a better pair of tights?”

In a crowded hosiery retail scene what is unique about Wade & Bell?

It’s all about the waistband! We looked around and saw that all our friends were in yoga clothes all the time. Comfort was key. We took the mechanics of the waistband of yoga pants (wider and thicker) and applied that to tights. And with that, Wade & Belle was born.

Your patent-pending waistband looks like a real step forward in tights design. Can you tell us more about how it works?

We thought it was just crazy that even the smallest women were complaining about tights being uncomfortable around their waist. Traditional tights have a skinny tights band that pinches you right in your midsection. Not only is it uncomfortable, but it creates a “muffin top” where one didn't previously exist by squishing your skin. Our wider, looser waistband lays flawlessly flat underneath your most form fitting clothes.

What styles of tights are currently available? 

Currently Wade & Belle tights are offered in opaque, polka-dot and a fun diamond print.

What kind of service will customers receive at Wade & Bell? Do you welcome enquiries and requests for advice? 

Absolutely! We want utter customer happiness!

There is always quite a lot of media interest in the subject of tights for men. What are your thoughts about the greater visibility of men buying and wearing tights?

Tights are far too practical – slimming, warm – to be limited to half the population!

To men thinking about trying tights, what would you say are the main benefits of wearing them?

See above!

How can one purchase Wade & Bell tights? 

We are in select boutiques in the US and Canada but most easily purchased through our website at

Do you ship worldwide? 

We sure do! And if you purchase 2 or more pairs it’s free shipping worldwide!

What are you planning next? Are you hoping to launch any new styles in the future?

There is so much on the docket – more patterns, more colors, more categories. Stay tuned!

Thanks Dori. It has been great to learn more about Wade & Belle. We will publish our review of the Wade & Belle Black Opaque Tights soon.

Hosiery For Men readers can also check out Wade & Belle on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

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