Friday, 7 October 2016

Guest review: Falke Pure Matt 100 Opaque Tights

We are happy to publish guest reviews at Hosiery For Men, and have just received this superb evaluation of the Falke Pure Matt 100 Denier Opaque Tights from Lei, who lives in  the USA.

About the reviewer

Male, 5’10", around 155lb, average build.

I have recently purchased a pair of Falke Pure Matt 100 den tights, size XL, in colour Marine - or, I guess as we would call it in the States, navy. I bought them from UK Tights.

Purchasing experience and packaging

I will admit that this is the first pair of tights that I bought for more than $20/pair so I did a lot of research before committing to buy. It was very difficult to figure out how the tights would look on actual legs, as the front of the packaging and the stock photo on UK Tights did not have a picture of a model wearing them. I am glad that there is a photo on the back of the packaging, though the color appears greener than the tights themselves are.

First impressions

Upon opening the packaging and taking the tights out, I will have to say that I was very, very impressed with the silky and velvety feeling they have on the hand. They feel very sturdy and almost thicker than I had expected for 100 deniers, which I consider to be a good indication of their build quality. They are very elastic and stretch very nicely.

These tights are made with 91% Polyamide and 9% Elastane.


These tights are perfectly opaque and matte, without much sheen at all to them.

As you can see, trying to stretch out the toe portion of the tights with my hand, it is almost perfectly opaque in that area. There is no clear demarcation that would indicate to me that the toes are further reinforced than the rest of the tights, so I thought that they would provide perfect opaque coverage even at the knees – they do, though the opacity isn’t perfect when I bend my knees, which is what I expect for 100 deniers.

There is no cotton-lined gusset that I’m used to (so I’m not sure how to interpret the “hygienic effect gusset” description on the UK Tights listing), but on the XL they do have what they call the “comfort gusset” in the back. The seams do not cause any discomfort when I put them on, though it could be that these tights are slightly larger than I’d have liked (more on that in a bit).

Sizing and fit

As I mentioned, I’m 5’10’’ and around 155lb. A pair in size L may have fit me, but I erred on the side of caution given the expense and bought the XL.

There is a bit of excess in the legs for me, and the top is very comfortable.

In wearing these and walking around, I find that the tights do slide down a little bit (perhaps because I actually fall below the weight range of the XL size so the waistband is not a very tight fit), and, interestingly, they bunched up somewhat just below my knee. These tights may actually be slightly larger than what might have fit me perfectly, though I feel that a size L may have been too small for me.

Color range

The Falke Pure Matt 100 Denier tights are available in Black, Anthracite, and Marine from UK Tights. The ones I tested are in Marine.

The Falke Pure Matt 100 Denier tights are available for £23.99, which is $30.71 for buyers in the States.

(At the top of the screen on the UK Tights page you can choose the currency in £, € or $).


These are excellent, excellent tights, worth every penny. Roomy and stretchy, soft and comfortable, I could wear these all day! They are warm; I wouldn’t wear them under pants, though I don’t think it’ll be a problem for me wearing them with shorts in the winter here in northwestern US. I think I’ll get myself a few more pairs!


  1. What a great guess review! We love the Falke Pure Matt 100 denier opaques, so we are glad we are not the only ones who find them great! Thanks Lei for trusting us and thanks Hosiery for Men for giving us the chance to read and learn every day about hosiery.

  2. At the first buy of the Falke Pure Matt 100 I also followed the advice of the sales person and made the same experience as you, the recommended size was too big for me. Since then I use the hips size as primary size selector, with my hip size in the middle section of the given size range. That works perfect for me. The tights stay in place all day long, no sliding, no repositioning neccessary. I'm 6'1", 155lb, slim build, 38" hips. Size M or M/L fits me perfect.

  3. The Falke Pure Matt range are my all-time favourite tights. There again you can't go far wrong with anything from falke.
    I bought 2 pairs of Matt 100 just before your review was published and fully agree with the comments. These are superb tights.
    Pure Matt 50 are equally good. Great tights.