Saturday, 8 October 2016

Legwear Fashion For Men blog launches Legwear Fashion Video Review

One of our favourite hosiery bloggers is Andreas, who writes the Legwear Fashion for Men blog.

He provides a weekly update on happenings in the hosiery world, as well as great examples of tights being worn and styled. He has recently branched out and launched a new YouTube channel: Legwear Fashion Video Review. We caught up with Andreas recently and spoke to him about this new development.

Can you tell us a bit about the Legwear Fashion for Men blog? 

I started this blog back in 2012. The inspiration was to use creativity combined with fashion aesthetics appreciation. T
he objective I had with Legwear Fashion For Men was to show people that men can look fashionable in tights and leggings but at the same time keeping it masculine to encourage any guy who wants to try something new and to enjoy some of the great features which tights offer like support, warmth, protection from chaffing and general comfort and great look. I realised that the only way to get men to push the envelope is that I push envelope myself. And that's how I got to where I am now!

You have recently started a new series of video reviews of tights from a men's perspective. Can you tells us why you decided to do this?

For the past year things in the blog had been going slow and consistency was an issue as on a personal part I was feeling dry. If you remember once a month I could roll out a unique content called "Street Legwear Fashion" which I had extra help in the form of my ex-girlfriend who could help me with photos and doing the look with me as well and that became something popular for a considerable amount of time. 

Being an avid YouTuber I almost couldn't find any men doing hosiery reviews with mostly women doing them(even so there weren't many channels) I saw it as unexplored territory that I wanted to explore, so I picked up my camera to stay ahead of the game and so Legwear Fashion Video Review was born!

What has the reaction been to the videos so far?

So far it has been great, I'm also getting feedback on how to do it better, my inspiration mostly came from MyPantyhoseGirl. I am still in the midst of making my videos better.

What brands and styles are you planning to review next?

As of now the new Couture Ultimates seamless and ladder proof series and definitely on my list, I'm looking at more fashion tights, and perhaps more uniquely made day to day style tights.

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