Wednesday, 30 November 2016

Couture Ultimates tights now available at Stockings HQ

Hosiery retailer Stockings HQ is now selling the full range of the revolutionary new Couture Ultimates seamless and ladder-proof opaque tights.

As we have already reported, the Couture Ultimates tights have a unique and genuinely ground-breaking ladder-proof and seamless construction. While traditional hosiery is knitted in tubes made of horizontal rows, the Couture Ultimates are made with vertical lines in one piece with no body seam.

This makes them 100% ladder proof (not just ladder resistant) with leg shaping and light control.

The whole Couture Ultimates range is available at Stockings HQ with a 15% discount.

You can still read our feature on Couture Ultimates and interview with Allan Falconer, the director of Legwear International, the brand behind Couture Ultimates.

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