Sunday, 27 November 2016

Heist launches inclusive, body-positive campaign

The innovative hosiery brand Heist, the makers of 'intelligent tights', have launched a remarkable new campaign to promote Heist tights.

Heist worked with brand engagement agency RAPP to create a bodywear campaign that does not feature any bodies.

Heist co-founder, Edzard Van Der Wyck, comments:

“Heist thinks very differently about how it designs tights. And RAPP's campaign thinks as differently about how to sell them."

RAPP executive creative director, Ben Golik, says of the campaign: 

"Using prickly pineapples to show mood and beautifully veined melons to suggest age, Heist can talk about form and complexity, without being myopically focused on appearance. We've abandoned the tired clichés of a tiresome category. This campaign is positive, provocative and above all, inclusive."

What is notable about this campaign is that is perhaps one of the first to take a gender inclusive approach to marketing tights. This perhaps also reflects that 10% of Heist's customers identify as male.

This is a great step forward for how tights are marketed to men. There is, in this campaign, no need to have the tights worn and modelled by men. The campaign itself embraces inclusivity on every level.

As Heist state:


Heist make clear, on a recent Instagram post, that men, along with anyone who likes to wear tights, will be welcomed

"We want to reach out and celebrate everyone who enjoys wearing tights. Men. Women. Non-binary. Whatever. You’re all important to us and, at Heist, we are inspired by each and every one of you. We’d like to get to know you. We’d like to proudly share some of your pictures in tights and even your stories. We don’t care about gender or how you identify. We care about you. We care about making tights that work for you. That keep you comfortable. That fit you perfectly. Share your pictures with #WhateverYou and watch this space. We’ll be posting the best ones soon."

Hosiery For Men congratulates Heist and RAPP on this fantastic campaign.

Show your support by using the #WhateverYou hashtag on Twitter and Instagram.

Even better, visit the Heist website and check out their wonderful tights, which are available in all sizes.

You can read our recent post on the launch of the Heist THE EIGHTY opaque tights. We have received samples of these and will publish a review shortly.

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