Thursday, 3 November 2016

Reviewed: Couture Ultimates 'Victoria' Seamless And Ladder Proof Opaque Tights

The new and innovative Couture Ultimates range of seamless and ladder proof tights was launched this autumn.

All styles of tights in the Couture Ultimates range can now be ordered exclusively from UK Tights.

UK Tights and Couture have provided Hosiery For men with a great selection from the range to trial and review.

Our first review is for the Couture Ultimates 'Victoria' seamless and ladder proof tights.

Couture Ultimates - the brand

Legwear International are the brand behind the Couture Ultimates range.

We recently interviewed Allan Falconer, the director of Legwear International, and he explained what is unique about the Couture Ultimates range:

"Normal hosiery is knitted in horizontal rows of stitches – the same as one would knit a jumper on a flat hand operated knitting machine or knitting using knitting needles. If a thread breaks the material then creates a run or in the case of tights, a ladder. Tights are knitted using a circle of needles where tubes are created and then sewn together, hence the seam through the middle of the body from front to back.

"Couture Ultimates have been knitted in one piece (therefore no seams) using a machine that was designed to make fabric – this machine can also produce netting and crochet type designs. This machine has a long bed of needles but each needle has an individual thread of yarn. Tights have previously been made on these machines but limited to netting type fabrics. Nobody previously has managed to develop a range of everyday hosiery using this technology.

"Because of the different knitting technique Couture Ultimates are made up from vertical rows of knots as opposed to horizontal rows of stitches. In addition to the other benefits this also makes them 100% ladder proof."

The Couture Ultimates range has nine styles: 60 and 100 denier opaque tights, together with seven fashion styles.

The whole range can be viewed at UK Tights.


Packaging for the whole Couture Ultimates range is consistent: the tights are folded around a card that provides useful information on how to put on seamless and ladder proof hosiery.

This is then wrapped in a cellophane bag, and everything is then enclosed in a robust card envelope. This has been attractively designed and gives an overall classy look.

Material and features

The Couture Ultimates 'Victoria' seamless and ladder proof tights are made from 81% Polyamide and 19% Elastane.

They feel smooth, but also quite robust.

Stretchiness is very good and both sizes that we trialled looked to have decent length in the leg.

Opaque coverage in this style is pretty much total and the look is matt with no shine.

The Victoria style has a unique and attractive design, which UK Tights describe as 'a simple and contrasting brick pattern.'

The pattern runs from the toe to just below the brief/panty, which is a plain opaque material.

There is, as expected no central seam in the brief, but there is a gusset.

The waistband is 3cm wide.

Toes are reinforced.

Fit and sizing

The Couture Ultimates 'Victoria' seamless and ladder proof tights are available in four sizes:
  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Extra-Large
We tested pairs in both the Large and Extra-Large sizes.

Its really important to take care when putting Couture Ultimates tights on, and I recommend people refer to the detailed instruction card that is inside every pack.

It is important to roll up the legs gradually, releasing the fabric as the tights are pulled up.

I tried the Extra-Large size first and was surprised at how generous the sizing was. I mentioned this to Legwear International and they urged me too try the Large size as well, as they felt this would be a more appropriate fit.

They were absolutely right about this: the Large size was a really good and comfortable fit. The tights mould well to the leg, as you would expect with 19% Elastane.

It is best to look carefully at the sizing information. If you are up to 5'10" and a fairly average size i do think you would find that the Large size would provide a perfectly good, snug fit.

Both Large and Extra-Large sizes have plenty of room in the leg and brief. The brief stretched comfortable over the hips and waist.

I wore the Large size for a whole day, while visiting the Legwear International headquarters, and the Victoria tights stayed up and in position, and needed very little adjustment.

The seamless brief/panty is also extremely comfortable. If you haven't tried seamless tights yet, you will be surprised at how comfortable a brief without any seams can be.

Colour range

The Couture Ultimates 'Victoria' seamless and ladder proof tights are available in Black only.

Price and availability

The Couture Ultimates 'Victoria' seamless and ladder proof tights are priced at £14.99 at UK Tights.


This is our first review of tights in the new Couture Ultimates range and we are impressed.

The Couture Ultimates 'Victoria' seamless and ladder proof tights are a superb quality product. One can see that a great deal of planning has gone into the range to ensure that this unique range of seamless and ladder proof tights works well in every aspect.

I would give them a strong recommendation for the following reasons:

  • The sizing options are excellent, with both Large and Extra Large sizes being suitable for larger and taller women and men.
  • The tights are very comfortable, with a great fit and wearing experience.
  • The tights are really quite robust, and will clearly wear well and last some time if looked after and put on correctly.
  • The price is reasonable and represents good value as these tights are ladder proof and will stand long periods of wear.
Thanks to both UK Tights and Legwear International for the Couture Ultimates samples.

Stay tuned for further Couture Ultimates reviews that will appear soon.


  1. Outstanding.........

  2. Very good review, but I am missing the details about the gusset material.
    Is it a cotton or polyamide mesh?
    After visting Legwear International headquarters, what is your impression regarding the marketing strategy for these tights now, still for women only or also for men?

  3. Thanks for the feedback on the review.

    The gusset is made from polyamide as far as I can tell. On the outside it is the same as the material used for the tights, but inside it is a lighter grey colour.

    The marketing strategy is aimed at women, but Legwear International are aware that men are part of the customer base and will be interested in tis range for the sizing options available. I believe this is something they are still actively considering.

  4. I just received a pair and tried them on. I have to say my first impression is not the most positive.... First of all I immediately stuck a toe through the toeseam, which was not correctly sewn. I'll have to return this pair which doesn't make for a good start. The fit is okay but I noticed that the tights folded up around my ankles. Put them on the other way around but that didn't change the behaviour. Also my personal opinion of the fabric is that it feels a little rough compared to f.i. Falke's Pure Matt 100's. I've also ordered the Sarah and I hope they come out better for me.