Monday, 21 November 2016

Reviewed: Wolford Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights

Wolford recently sent us a great selection of tights from their new range.

We recently reviewed the new, innovative Wolford Comfort Cut 40 Tights.

We now focus on a new addition to Wolford's extensive Shape & Control collection: the Wolford Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights.

We have also reviewed the Wolford Individual 50 Leg Support Tights, which are also part of the Shape & Control range.

Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights

The Wolford Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights were launched in September 2016.

In their press release coinciding with the launch of the Velvet 66 Leg Support style, Wolford say the following:

"Highly elegant and opaque, and available in classic fall shades, these tights are not just a new take on the popular VELVET 66 version, but also the first pair featuring a support function in the upper denier range.

"As with the classic version of the VELVET 66 Tights, they take center stage with their fine and extra-close knit. The Bregenz-based brand will add the finishing touches to the popular model this autumn and see the launch of the Leg Support version in 66 denier.

"The VELVET 66 Leg Support Tights boost circulation and prevent legs from becoming tired and swollen, providing a comfortable fit thanks to the wide waistband. The perfect fit is also supported by the integrated heel and special coating technology that guarantees high durability."


The packaging for these tights is pretty much the standard Wolford format.

The tights are folded around a card rectangle. This is then enclosed in a light card sleeve. Everything is then housed in a cellophane envelope.

Material and features

The Wolford Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights are made from 77% Nylon and 23% Elastane.
These tights are designed to aid circulation and protect against leg fatigue and swelling. The texture and features makes them noticeably different from the classic Velvet de Luxe 66 Tights.

The appearance is matt and opaque coverage is even and dense throughout. They have a wonderfully smooth and velvety feel. Wolford have also deployed a special coating coating technology for durability.

A standout feature is the extra wide 6cm soft, knitted waistband. A Wolford label is also sewn into inside rear of the waistband.

The heel is knitted to give a perfect fit to the foot. Toes are reinforced.

The brief/panty is deep and comfortable. There is a cotton gusset. Seams are flat and expertly engineered. The Extra Large size, as is customary with Wolford, has no rear panel.

This Wolford style has an amazing amount of stretch. But however much you stretch them they quickly mould themselves to the leg.

The shaping effect provided by these tights is described as 'medium'.

Fit and sizing

The Wolford Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights. are available in five sizes: 

  • Extra-Small 
  • Small 
  • Medium 
  • Large 
  • Extra-Large 
I tested a pair in the Extra-Large size.

As these are 'shape and control' tights, you need to take care and a bit more time putting them on. They need to be positioned carefully on the foot so that your heel fits snugly into the knitted heel part.

Then you will need to roll them and stretch them slowly up the legs. You will feel the amazing stretch qualities, but also the support sensation on the leg which is concentrated on the calf and thigh. The compression effect is noticeable and very pleasant.

The fit was so good, it was like a pair of bespoke tights had been made for me.

Once on and in place these tights will need very little adjusting. I gave them two full days of wear - one of those days was spent almost entirely on my feet. I felt much less fatigue than normal and my legs remained comfortable and energised.

The brief is deep and comfortable. The waistband keeps everything in place without any digging or excess pressure.

The overall sensation is total comfort and wellbeing.

Colour range

The Wolford Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights are currently available in five colours at the Wolford online store:

  • Mocca 
  • Admiral (Dark Navy) 
  • Black 
  • Nearly Black 
  • Anthracite 
I trialled a pair in the Admiral shade.




Price and availability

The Wolford Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights are priced £35.00.


From the moment I put Wolford Velvet 66 Leg Support Tights on, I realised that Wolford had created a very special product. The material, design, fit and wearing experience is exceptional in every respect.

These tights are a fantastic choice if you need leg support, but also want style, comfort as well as the insulation provided by opaque tights.

I love them so much that I am going to get pairs in Mocca and Black as well.

These tights are so good, you just won't want to take them off.

Wolford agree that these will also be a good choice for men, and have included on the selection of tights they have recently curated for men.

Highly recommended.


  1. Have you tried the Pure Energy 30 leg vitalizer?
    They are supposed to be in the "strong" shape and control category. But the compression is hardly noticeable. Would be interested to hear the comparison with those.
    Unless I received a faulty product?
    But the online Wolford team wouldn't take any of my comments into consideration, which was very disappointing

    1. When buying support or compression tights you have to put the focus on your leg profile to feel the compression. To find your personal leg profile size check the size charts of professional compression tigths manufactures. They normally offer between 4 and 6 standard sizes in 2 to 3 lenghts and custom made. For support tights there is no strict classification.
      To give you an indication check out Falke Leg Energizer Tights 30 / 50 den, they are rated "strong". For each size you find in the size chart on the package (not online) two extra columns with the recommend ankle and calf size range.

      Falke size ranges:
      Size Ankle cm/in. Calf cm/in. Hips cm/in.
      S 18-20 / 7.1-7.9 29-31 / 11.4-12.2 78-94 / 31-37
      S/M 20-22 / 7.9-8.7 32-34 / 12.6-13.4 86-97 / 34-38
      M 22-24 / 8.7-9.4 35-37 / 13.8-14.6 88-102 / 35-40
      M/L 24-26 / 9.4-10.2 38-40 / 15.0-15.7 91-107 / 36-42
      L 26-28 / 10.2-11.0 41-43 / 16.1-16.9 102-117 / 40-46
      XL 28-30 / 11.0-11.8 44-46 / 17.3-18.1 114-137 / 45-54

      My recommendation:
      Measure your ankle & calf on each leg and hip size.
      Pick size based on your hip size and check the stated ankle and calf size for the picked size. If you are above upper limit take one size higher. If you are below lower limit but taller and slim build take the size based on your hip size. The additional stretch compensates for it. The foot part on the Falke tigths is generours.

      The same applies for the support tights. You may have to buy more than one pair to find your perfectly fitting and functioning support tights. From my experience the size recommendation in shops are mostly based on your height without taking your overall build into account.

      @Wolford, Falke online shop administrators
      Please give more detailed sizing information in your online size charts for support tights.

    2. Well, given my height, I don't really have a choice. Otherwise, lengthwise, it's never gonna work....

  2. No, haven't tried the Pure Energy Leg Vitalizer. I am keen to try there Synergy 40 Leg Support:

    1. These Pure Energy are quite nice! Don't provide a high compression though

  3. In terms of compression, how do these compare to the Comfort4men models? Or the Falke you reviewed recently?

  4. The Compression is stronger in both the recent Falke Leg Energizer tights and the Comfort4Men support tights.