Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Reviewed: THE EIGHTY opaque tights by Heist

A few weeks ago we brought you the news that Heist has now launched THE EIGHTY: 80 denier opaque tights.

Heist very kindly sent us samples of this new style in both the LOW WAIST and HIGH WAIST versions.

THE EIGHTY is a new edition to the Heist collection which also includes:

THE THIRTY sheer 30 denier tights

THE FIFTY opaque tights

THE NUDE 18 denier invisible tights

We have previously reviewed THE FIFTY opaque tights at Hosiery For Men.

About Heist

Tights Reimagined. That is the concept of Heist, a hosiery brand that launched in 2015.

The range of tights developed by Heist were created after an extensive consultation exercise with the aim to develop the perfect pair of tights.

Heist tights feature four signature design features:

1. A waistband that moves when you move. You can choose between two waistband heights: Low, to sit on your hips, or High, to hug your waist

2. The softest, stretchiest, sleekest yarn. 5000 spirals of nylon are wound round every inch of elastane.

3. Seamless design and no gusset. There is no centre seam either. Heist removed both and instead use a 3D technique to knit a single tube, from toe to toe.

4. Tights redesigned from top to toe (seam). Heist say that they spent hours wondering why the last part of the tights is always the first to ladder (not to mention the uncomfortable rubbing). Their solution is to tuck the toe seam underneath the foot.

Heist tights are for everyone

Heist have taken a gender inclusive approach to marketing tights, which perhaps reflects that 10% of Heist's customers identify as male.

Heist state in their marketing concept:



The packaging for THE EIGHTY tights was different to the very cool and stylish black card box, that my pair of THE FIFTY arrived in.

My two pairs of THE EIGHTY came in what I believe to be a seasonal design for Christmas.

The tights are carefully folded and wrapped in white tissue paper that is sealed with a black Heist sticker.

Everything is enclosed in a nicely designed orange card box.

The tights are folded around a card that provides further information on Heist tights, as well as advice on washing them.

Material and features

Heist describe the THE EIGHTY tights as "our softest, warmest tights. Designed for colder days or for when you want those pins to be solid black."

THE EIGHTY tights are made from an Italian double-covered yarn (92% polyamide, 8% elastane). Heist say that this yarn has 10 times the spiral count of regular tights.

The tights are really luxuriously soft to touch, and you can feel the quality as soon as you remove them from the packaging. They feel even better once on the leg!

Opaque coverage is dense and even.

As with other Heist tights, a key feature is the unique waistband. This is knitted on a separate machine to create a seamless band and then hand-sewn onto the body of the tights using a light cotton thread.

In the HIGH WAIST style the waistband has a depth of 16cm and is made of a much denser fabric with a very high level of elasticity. In the LOW WAIST version the waistband is just 10cm. Inside the waistband is a satin label with the Heist logo.

The waistband is attached to the rest of the tights with an expertly engineered flat seam. On the outside of the thigh area, once can see that some additional stitching has also been made to provide further strength.

The tights themselves are knitted in a single, seamless tube, from toe to toe. There is no gusset.

Toes are not reinforced but in a further unique and innovative feature the tow seams are hidden, tucked under the toes, for comfort and finish.



Fit and sizing

THE EIGHTY Opaque Tights are available in four sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium 
  • Large
  • Extra Large 
I trialled both the LOW WAIST and HIGH WAIST styles in the Large size.

We are really pleased to see that THE EIGHTY are available in an XL size. Indeed it appears that an XL size is now available across the whole of the Heist range. Good news for taller guys as these will fit up to 6'4" according to the sizing information.

I first trialled the HIGH WAIST version. The fit in the Large size was simply perfect. The tights were more than long enough for my 5'10" height and would (as the sizing chart suggests) accommodate even a taller person.

The tights mould beautifully to the leg without any sagging or bunching. The appearance is mainly matt with very little sheen. Heist say that their tights move with you and that is my experience: once in position they work with your shape not against it.

In the HIGH WAIST version of THE EIGHTY, the waistband will come well over the waist and hips and sits, as expected, quite high. This is such a different experience to other brands of tights and adds an extra dimension of comfort to the wearing experience. The waistband is extremely comfortable and stays in place without slipping, moving down or causing any discomfort.

In the LOW WAIST version, the waistband sits much lower on the hips. I was slightly worried that this would be less comfortable, but I was pleasantly surprised that once on, and with a bit of additional stretching of the waistband, that this version was also very comfortable.

However, my preference would definitely be for the HIGH WAIST style for the additional comfort and overall fit above the waist

The overall wearing experience was really exceptional. the fit and feel was so good with THE EIGHTY that they provided a great sense of wellbeing - in a word, these tights make you feel good.

THE EIGHTY is also really warm on cold days - either with shorts or as an additional layer off insulation under trousers or jeans.

Colour range

THE EIGHTY Opaque Tights are available in Jet Black only.

Heist explain that the tights are dyed Jet Black that provides a rich black colour.

Price and availability

THE EIGHTY Opaque Tights retail for £22.00 for the LOW WAIST style and £24.00 for the HIGH WAIST version.

Heist offer free shipping across Europe and certain worldwide locations.

For customers in the UK, orders received by 2pm should arrive the next day. For the rest of the EU delivery should be 3-4 days.


In our previous review of THE FIFTY tights, we expressed a wish that Heist would launch a higher denier opaque tight, and now, with the launch of THE EIGHTY, here they are.

I am so impressed with the features, yarn, fit and overall wearing experience of THE EIGHTY, that I can confidently recommend them.

As they are also available in an Extra Large size, this will also, I hope, attract the interest of more men, including taller ones, as they will fit up to 6'4".

THE EIGHTY are now my first choice from the Heist range.

Heist say they make tights for 'every body', so give THE EIGHTY a try. We look forward to your comments and feedback.


  1. The review sounds very interesting.
    The size chart is indeed promising for taller men.
    However, more color options would be appreciated.
    I will definitely add them to my watch list.

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