Saturday, 17 February 2018

Reviewed: 70 Denier Black Opaque Tights from I SEE YOUR LEGS

The gender-neutral hosiery brand from Denmark I SEE YOUR LEGS, recently sent us a sample of their new 70 Denier Black Opaque Tights to trial and review.

You can still read our original review of the I SEE YOUR LEGS Classic 20 Denier Tights, along with an updated review of this style in Size 5 (Maxi).

We now focus on the I SEE YOUR LEGS 70 Denier Opaque Tights.


The I SEE YOUR LEGS 70 Denier Opaque Tights are packaged in the so-called GOLDEN BAG, one of the innovations from I SEE YOUR LEGS.

The minimalistic GOLDEN BAG is described as "intelligent packaging". It is small, light, waterproof and easy to carry and store.

It is easy to open due to the laser cut opening that tears easily.

Material and features

The tights slip out the GOLDEN bag packaging with ease. The first impression is of the pleasant smell that the tights have.

The yarn feels ultra smooth and velvety.

According to the GOLDEN BAG packaging these are 70 denier tights made in Italy from 88% Polyamide and 12% Elastane. However the website states that they are 90% Polyamide and 10% Elastane. I suspect the latter is correct.

Opacity is even from toe to waist, but not total so you won't get a complete "blackout" effect on the leg.

Legs and toes are shaped too provide an optimum fit anatomically. Toes are reinforced and this is so subtle it is hard to detect it.

The brief has very well engineered flat seams and a cotton gusset. In the Size 5 (MAXI) that I tested, there is a rear comfort panel. There is some barely visible reinforcement either side of the central seam in the brief.

The waistband is 3cm wide, and is stretchy and comfortable. An I SEE YOUR LEGS tag is sewn into the inside. This is a great feature for identifying the brand of tights if you have, like I do, an extensive collection of black opaques.

Surprisingly for the largest size (Size 5) the brief is relatively shallow, measuring 22cm from the gusset to the waistband. This is discussed further below.

Fit, sizing and wearing experience

The I SEE YOUR LEGS 70 Denier Opaque Tights are available in five sizes:

1 - XS/S
2 - S/M
3 - M/L
4 - L/XL
5 - MAXI

I trialled them in Size 5.

These 70 denier tights have a wonderful stretchy elasticity. On the leg the high Elastane content of the yarn provides a lovely close fit without any bunching.

Appearance on the leg is mainly matt with bit of shine when caught in the light. The feeling on the leg is really good - smooth, comfortable and with a light compression effect. For opaques they really do achieve a second skin effect.

As mentioned above, the brief is not particularly deep, and doesn't stretch very far above the waist. I would describe the overall fit as low-rise.

It's slightly puzzling that for a Size 5 (MAXI) size the brief isn't deeper. It's not just my personal preference - I do feel that a deeper brief provides more comfort for men and also suits their needs better.

I also checked the depth of the brief in the Size 5 (MAXI) for the I SEE YOUR LEGS Classic 20 Denier Tights and it measured 30cm from waistband to gusset. For the 70 denier opaques the brief depth is shorter at around 22cm. See photos below.

Colour range

The I SEE YOUR LEGS 70 Denier Opaque Tights are available in Black only.

Price and availability

The I SEE YOUR LEGS 70 Denier Opaque Tights are priced at €20.00.

Shipping is FREE worldwide for any order, regardless of the order quantity.


We were really pleased that I SEE YOUR LEGS launched opaque tights. With this 70 denier style they definitely have kept up their reputation for quality.

They have also continued their gender neutral marketing. It has been great to see a growing number of images of guys wearing I SEE YOUR LEGS tights, and this demonstrates the impact of their inclusive marketing.

The I SEE YOUR LEGS 70 Denier Opaque Tights have so many positive features:

  • High quality yarn with a high Elastane content
  • Wonderful soft and comfortable fit on the leg
  • Flat seams and gusset
On the leg the fit was really first class. However, you need to be aware that this is a low-rise style. If that suits you and are comfortable with that, then I would recommend them.

I am aware that I SEE OUR LEGS are developing a Size 6 in their tights to further support male and female customers who need larger sizes. Let's hope that I SEE YOUR LEGS will take this feedback on board and perhaps consider the brief/panty depth and sizing for customers like me.


  1. I like all of your reviws, but can I ask you what are the best opaque tights that men can to wear in winter?

  2. It is hard to recommend one style Unknown. Check the reviews to see what you think works for you. If it is very cold think about the Falke Warm Deluxe opaques.

  3. I read your review and also the other reviews on ISYL's website and then wrote my own. I do not think the size 5 will fit anyone 7'1 as per the chart above. I am 6'5 and I had to tug and tug to get every inch for them to fit but they are doing ok. The material is very soft and the compression on the legs is perfect!! My biggest drawback is the pink isn't that pink. My wife says I look like an albino. I know if I looked hard enough I could find something just as well made for half the price. I only bought them because of the pink and that the company markets to men and puts male models on their website.

  4. Danskin ballet tights are lovely to dance in. They fit well, are comfortable to wear and look really good.