Monday, 19 November 2018

Just arrived: 60 Denier Microfibre Opaque Tights from Hop Hosiery

Hop Hosiery have sent us one of their "Hop Boxes".

What is a "Hop Box" you are probably wondering.

A "Hop Box" is what you receive through the post when you take out a flexible subscription from Hop Hosiery.

Ours arrived in the post today.

Hop Hosiery makes it easy to get tights regularly and you have complete control of your account. First you need to choose your tights: there is a choice of

  • 60 Denier Opaque
  • 40 Denier Semi-Opaque
  • 20 Denier Sheer
  • 15 Denier Sheer
  • 20 Denier Control and Support
Then choose the shade and size.

There are three sizes: S, M and L. The size chart shows that L extends to 6'0".

Each "Hop Box" contains three pairs of sheers OR two pairs of opaques OR two pairs of control & support tights. The cost of each Hop Box is just is £10.95 including delivery.

All you need to do next is tell Hop Hosiery how often you would like your "Hop Box" and where it should be delivered to.

I received two pairs of the 60 Denier Opaques.

The packaging as you can see is very cool. We will describe this further on our forthcoming review.

Hop Hosiery have told us that they already have plenty of guys who are happy customers. So give them a try.

You can follow Hop Hosiery on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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