Thursday, 29 November 2018

New Boots Flawless Fit Tights

Could it be that Boots, the UK pharmacy, health and beauty chain might be upping their game when it comes to tights?

In my experience their tights have often been of relatively poor quality. They have tended to be impulse or emergency purchases at train stations.

A really informative piece in The Independent on 10 best winter tights, by writer Nicola Rayner alerted us to the new Flawless Fit range.

The range comprises 15 denier and 60 denier seamless tights, with the option of a low or high waistband that aims to hug your waist.

This is Nicola Rayner's verdict:

What’s noticeable about this pair of 15-denier tights is how enormous the high waistband looks when you take it out of the packet. Once it’s on, though, it sits comfortably and firmly on your waist and, as with Heist tights, it looks very much like this central piece was made separately from the legs.

That’s not where the resemblance to Heist ends – there is no gusset and no seams in the Flawless Fits tights, which boast “no digging”, “no sagging” and “no bunching” on the packet. We found this to be largely true, though they didn’t sit quite as firmly as the Heist Fifty.

That said, the Boots pair is significantly cheaper and also boasted a lovely silky quality, courtesy of the microfibres with which they are made. A touch of luxury, then, without breaking the bank.

They are priced higher than tights normally cost at Boots - between £13 and £14.

Our choice would be the Flawless Fit 60 Denier Opaque with the High Waistband.

Shame Boots do not provide a size chart on their website. Let's hope they rectify this.

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