Monday, 17 December 2018

Just arrived from Wolford: Colorado Lax Fit String Body

Wolford have sent us a new product - an addition to their extensive range of bodies/bodysuits.

The Wolford Colorado Lax Fit String Body is described as follows:

A casual cut: The loosely-fitting top section and slim-fitting panty section featured on this string body make it a new, fashionable and, most importantly, wonderfully comfortable fashion item. The semitransparent roll neck featured on this body softly caresses the neck while the body and arms are made from an ultra-soft material containing a high cotton content.

  • Close fit
  • Seamless
  • Oversized sleeves with an integrated Wolford logo


  1. I like this style, looks very comfortable, more casual.
    I have the Colorado body as string and full back version.
    My preference is the full back version, it is just more comfortable to wear for men.
    Therefore, my wish to Wolford to have also a full back version from this style like the existing Colorado body.

  2. I agree that a full back version is much more comfortable for men. I will be sharing that as feedback to Wolford in due course.

    1. I like as well all the other body wear styles presented out of the Wolford box, it looks most comfortable.
      I am curious what the lightgrey-striped item in the Wolford box is.

  3. I have posted details now of all the contents of the "Wolford box" apart from some socks. I think you might be referring to the Merino Fine Rib Pullover.