Friday, 14 December 2018


Now that the MEN BUYING TIGHTS survey has closed, we are beginning to analyse the responses and data. Over the next few weeks we will publish the findings section by section.

One of the first sections we have looked at in detail is the one where we asked you the question:

Can you name one pair of tights that is your favourite? Name the brand and precise product.

There were more than 400 responses to this.

This is what you told us.

The favourite style of tights was the Wolford Neon 40 Tights.

This was chosen by more respondents than any other. It's a classic style by Wolford and even quite iconic now. It comes in a very wide range of colours and sizing up to XL.

The second most popular style you chose was another by Wolford: the Satin Touch 20 Tights.

Another classic by Wolford and these are available in an even wide range of colours as well as sizing up to XXL.

Indeed Wolford get plenty of mentions when it comes to your favourite tights. The following all have a number of fans:

Wolford Velvet De Luxe 66 Tights

Wolford Fatal 15 Tights

Wolford Fatal 50 Tights

However, looking through all the responses carefully, in third place was a style that many of you really like: L'eggs Sheer Energy Tights.

Other brands and specific tights that get a number of mentions are:

Cecilia De Rafael, including various styles in the CdR Eterno range are mentioned.

Kunert, including the Kunert Velvet 80 Tights.

Charnos, particularly the Charnos 24/7 range.

Heist. The Nude tights by Heist get a few mentions as do The Thirty, The Fifty and The Eighty tights.

Marks and Spencer, especially tights from the Autograph range. The M&S Body Sensor Tights are also mentioned a few times.

Oroblu, several mentions including the Magie 20 and the All Colors 50 tights.

Falke, especially the Seidenglatt 40 tights.

Fogal, including the Opaque 30 tights.

Pretty Polly, including the Legs On The Go Support Tights and 60 Denier Opaque Tights.

Adrian's range of men's tights gets a few mentions including the Grating style.

Finally the genderless hosiery brand I SEE YOUR LEGS has admirers, particularly for their Classic 20 Denier Tights. This brand have responded to the needs of male customers by making this style available in L/XL, MAXI and MAXI+ sizes.


  1. I guess this result is no surprise for retailers.
    Most of my tights are from Wolford, they just have a full range for all occasions and wether conditions.
    And, it is a real pleasure to buy tights in Wolford stores, you treated as person liking tights.
    If you ask for a recommendation you get a recommendation.
    If you visit a Wolford store more often you get a recommendation for new styles to try.

  2. I agree, Wolford stores are always helpful and your get friendly, professional service.

  3. It seems men massively prefer tights for women, given Adrian only gets few mentions. My conclusion is it's useless to make hosiery specific to men; it's not the right approach. On the other hand, it's understandable: the market for women is huge.

  4. My favorite: Emilio Cavallini checkered tights.