Thursday, 31 January 2019

Neonyt Fall/Winter Fashion Show 2019 Berlin

In January the Neonyt Fashion Show Fall Winter 2019 took place in Berlin.

The concept was Sustainable Fashion.

The outfits were curated by the stylist (and co-founder of the Fashion Council Germany) Claudia Hofmann. A mix of brands were featured, including Wolford.

Here are a couple of runway shots, with the male models styled with Wolford tights.

Wednesday, 30 January 2019

Just arrived: Hedoine 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights (M - L size)

We recently published out first review of the ladder-free and seamless 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights by luxury hosiery brand Hedoine.

Hedoine have now sent us sample in the new M - L sizing, larger than the now discontinued M size, which out first review was based.

And, you can see that they come in completely redesigned packaging: a classy new outer box, and very cool individual card pouches for the tights themselves.

Stay tuned for our updated review.

Reviewed: FALKE Silk Touch Sleeveless Bodysuit

One of our favourite online hosiery and legwear retailers, The Tight Spot, recently sent us the FALKE Silk Touch Sleeveless Bodysuit to trial and review.

The Tight Spot, as many readers of this blog will know, are committed to providing a great service to men buying hosiery.

They curate, and continually update, the tights for men page on the site.

But they also sell a range of accessories, including bodysuits, which have to be one of the most versatile items to wear for fashion and/or comfort.

The Tight Spot's bodysuits collection includes items from FALKE, Wolford, Commando, Oroblu, Cecilia De Rafael and more.

A female reader of this blog once urged me to try a bodysuit, describing it as like "tights for the body."

A lot of you have been waiting for this review so here goes.

The Tight Spot describe the FALKE Silk Touch Sleeveless Bodysuit as:

"This lightly shimmering sleeveless bodysuit, with a feminine round neckline, is timelessly chic. The luxuriously soft composition of materials, which hug your body in all the right places, feel incredibly soft to touch and wonderful to wear. This silk touch bodysuit features popper snaps fastening at the gusset for an easy and comfortable all day wear. Falke's sleeveless bodysuit is an essential piece to any outfit, due to its versatility. You can pair it with a sparkling skirt for party night or mix with trousers, brogues and a blazer for a classy, daytime look. Additionally, thanks to its high quality material composition, this shimmering sleeveless bodysuit will give your outfit a polished, high fashion finish."


The FALKE Silk Touch Sleeveless Bodysuit comes in really nice packaging. FALKE have designed a tasteful card box with an inner tray and outer sleeve. The inner section slides out like a drawer.

The bodysuit is folded around a card with details and imagery of the FALKE bodywear range. It is then enclosed in FALKE embossed tissue paper.

Material, design and features

The FALKE Silk Touch Sleeveless Bodysuit is made from 86% Polyamide and 14% Elastane.

As you remove it from the packaging you can see immediately why it is named as a "Silk Touch" bodysuit. The material is absolutely luxurious: light, stretchy and with a velvety softness.

Key features are: 

  • 150 Denier 
  • Round neckline 
  • Sleeveless body 
  • Full back

The quality of the engineering is superb throughout. There are seams at the sides, shoulders and at the garment edges but these have been finished to be completely flat and provide a smooth appearance with all the actual seams on the inside. The stitching lies flat against the skin without any discomfort.

A FALKE tag is sewn into the inside rear of the neck.

The bodysuit is fastened below the crotch with three metal poppers, that sit on a reinforced strip to provide durability in an area where there is likely to be movement and stress on the garment. You can see the care that has gone into designing this particular area to ensure it is robust but also retains the comfort of the rest of the bodysuit.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The FALKE Silk Touch Sleeveless Bodysuit is available in four sizes at The Tight Spot:
  • S
  • M
  • L
  • X Large
I tried the X Large size.

The US/UK sizing information is helpful for choosing the correct size as it provides height, weight and hips combinations.

You need to take a bit of care to get the bodysuit on. I didn't want to over-stretch or damage it and worked out the best way was to undo the poppers, pull to over the head as a T-shirt, and then re-fasten the poppers under the crotch.

Once on, you are immediately aware of how comfortable the bodysuit feels on the skin. With a gorgeous silky texture, it feels like luxury hosiery for the upper body.

This bodysuit really hugs you all over and moulds itself to the torso. The high (14%) Elastane content ensures that there is no bagging or sagging anywhere.

I particularly liked the full back in the rear, as opposed to a string back that many bodies have. This was really comfortable.

The XL size was an absolutely perfect fit for me.

Colour range

At The Tight Spot, the FALKE Silk Touch Sleeveless Bodysuit is available in Black only.

The Black shade is a deep, rich jet black.

Price and availability

The FALKE Silk Touch Sleeveless Bodysuit is priced at £79.95.

Hosiery For Men readers can use the exclusive code 'H4M' at The Tight Spot, which gives you 10% discount across the whole site. That will represent a substantial saving if you want to get this bodysuit, which I am sure many of you will.


This is the first bodysuit we have ever reviewed at Hosiery For Men. For a first experience, the FALKE Silk Touch Sleeveless Bodysuit didn't disappoint at all.

Beautifully designed and made, it is definitely a unisex garment that men can wear for comfort, fashion, warmth and second skin feeling on the upper body.

It is potentially very versatile as well. I wore it as an inner layer with a long sleeve shirt over it. But it could be worn in so many other ways as well.

Pair it with FALKE tights and you then have serious whole body coverage and comfort. For full opaque coverage the FALKE Seidenglatt 40 Tights would work well, as well as the recently updated FALKE Seidenglatt 80 Tights.

If you fancy a different bodysuit style, check out the FALKE Shining Rich Cotton Roll Neck Bodysuit that is also available from The Tight Spot.

Are any other Hosiery For Men readers converts to bodysuits? Let us know if you are and which brands and styles work for you.

Monday, 28 January 2019

Reviewed: Wolford Aurora Leggings

We recently featured the new Wolford Cradle to Cradle® Collection: biodegradable skin-wear products that have a safe biological lifecycle.

The two Aurora styles, which are part of the collection, use premium stretch yarn and environmentally responsible fibres.

After the life cycle of the product has naturally come to an end, it can be returned to a Wolford store. In return you will receive a 10% discount on the next Cradle to Cradle® product.

Wolford will take the item to an industrial composting station and the Aurora products will begin a new life as nutrients for the planet, such as humus and bio gas.

Two Aurora products are now available. Wolford sent us sample of both to trial and review.

We recently reviewed the Wolford Aurora Pullover.

We now focus on the Wolford Aurora Leggings.

Wolford describe this product as follows:

"Sustainable innovation: The cycle of nature is our main concern when it comes to these opaque, super soft leggings. Produced from – and with – biodegradable components, these leggings are Cradle to Cradle Certified™ at the gold level and, as the name suggests, a symbol for new beginnings."


Wolford have designed new and very specific packaging for the Cradle to Cradle® collection.

The Aurora Leggings are folded and packed into rectangular white card box. This then slides into the outer packaging. It is basically as a drawer that can be opened and closed.

As well as sizing information on the outer packaging, there is detailed information (in English and French) on the Cradle to Cradle® sustainability process.

Material and features

The Wolford Aurora Leggings are made from 70% Modal, 26% Polyester and 4% Elastane.

You can feel the quality as soon as you take them out of the packaging. This is a really substantial garment.

They have a velvety smoothness to the touch. Wolford have clearly chosen the highest quality yarns for these leggings.

The knit is dense, and even when stretched remains completely opaque.

The legs are anatomically shaped, narrowing towards the ankle. There is a 2.5cm cuff. The only seam (apart from the cuff and the waistband) is one running on the inside of the leg up to and around the area under the crotch. all the stitching on this seam is on the inside so that externally there is a smooth, unobtrusive and barely visible line.

The brief is very roomy, with a rise of 28cm from crotch to the top of the waistband. It has no central seam.

The waistband itself is 5cm wide. With clever use of flat stitching it is hardly visible. A Wolford tag is sewn onto the inside of the waistband.

As with the Wolford Aurora pullover the design, construction and finish is all top class.

Fit, sizing and wearing experience

The Wolford Aurora Leggings are available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL.

I trialled the XL size.

This is the first time I have reviewed Wolford leggings, and my first impression is that in terms of size, they do come up quite a bit larger than Wolford tights. I take an XL in Wolford tights and the fit is invariably perfect, with a second skin feeling on the leg.

The Aurora Leggings, in XL, don't fit so closely at all. They are not what you would call baggy though: the fit is perfectly comfortable. However, if I wanted a closer fit on the leg, I would definitely go down a size to L.

I am 5'10" and the XL provided more than enough length in the leg and body. The size chart indicated that the XL will fit up to 6'3" and I feel this is definitely accurate.

The material is very stretchy, so whatever the shape of your legs, thighs and torso you will get a decent fit.

The brief is deep and stretched easily above the waist and hips.

More than anything, I was impressed with how great these leggings feel. Soft on the skin, warm and comfortable.

Colour range

The Wolford Aurora Leggings are available in Black only.

Price and availability

The Wolford Aurora Leggings are priced at £120.00.


I really enjoyed trialling the Wolford Aurora Leggings and to be honest, I have been wearing them pretty much for part of every day over the last fortnight.

They are just comfortable and easy to wear. 

Of course as leggings they are incredibly versatile. You can wear them under shorts, as loungewear, for insulation. Perhaps pair them with the Aurora Pullover. 

But note my comments on sizing: if you like a closer fit it's best to go down a size from what you normally go for in Wolford.

I'm looking forward to reviewing the Wolford Perfect Fit Leggings and Wolford Velvet Sensation Leggings. Review of both will appear soon. 

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Reviewed: 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights by Hedoine

Luxury hosiery brand Hedoine recently sent us pair of their 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights.

Hedoine is a new brand with a clear ethos and philosophy.

"By combining the highest quality yarns with innovative 3D knitting techniques, we have reinvented tights. Produced in Italy, ladder-free and run-resistant, soft and seamless with elegant detailing - a true quality and fashion statement."

Currently three different styles of tights are available:

The Bold

The Edgy

The Nude


 Hedoine 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights arrived in some really different and innovative packaging.

The outer shell (in which the tights are posted) is a strong, blue, padded plastic envelope.

The tights themselves are folded around a plain card rectangle before being enclosed in a clear plastic envelope. This is closed with a sticker that provides basic product information.

The tights are then housed in a further layer - a soft, silky blue pouch, that is open and closed with a ribbon drawstring.

Material and features

The key features of the Hedoine 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights are:

  • 20 denier
  • seamless
  • ladder-free and run-resistant
  • extremely soft and durable
  • high and low slimming waistband
  • 40 denier reinforcement under the toes with signature Hedoine pattern
  • highest quality yarns
  • innovative 3D knitting technology
  • machine-washable
  • made in Italy
'The Nude' tights are made from 70% Nylon and 30% Elastane.

They are extremely soft, silky and stretch, and feel very sensual and luxurious to touch. The yarn used is absolutely top quality.

These tights are seamless with no central seam running through the brief/body section.

In appearance they are matte with only the subtlest of sheen visible.

The legs and feet are boarded (shaped). Both toe and sole are reinforced with a 40 denier yarn

Both low and high waist versions come with what is described as a "slimming waistband". This is a much denser and fully opaque tube that is sewn on to the tights.

In the high waist version this is 15cm in depth; in the low waist version it measures 8.5cm.

A tag with the Hedoine brand symbol is sewn onto the front the the waistband.

There is no gusset.

Hedoine state that by using innovative yarns and the newest 3D knitting techniques, these tights do not ladder or run. While not being indestructible, they are significantly more durable than normal tights. They guarantee that even if small hole might occur at some point it will not spread down your leg. If it does they will offer you a refund.

Fit, sizing and wearing experience

The Hedoine 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights are currently available in two sizes:

  • XS - S
  • M - L
An XL - XXL size will be available in March 2019.

I was sent two pairs of 'The Nude' to trial and review in a now discontinued M size (this is now replaced by the M - L size).

I am being sent the new M - L size, and once that arrives I will publish a further updated review. Hedoine also tell me that new nude tones, sizes and packaging are all coming soon as well. Of course Hosiery For Men will keep readers updated.

As you put these tights on you will notice how soft and stretchy they are.

You need to take some care to make sure that the reinforced toe and sole is in place, and the latter is positioned under the foot.

The fit on the leg was excellent. I wouldn't normally chose an M size but the tights have plenty of give and elasticity without being too roomy. In fact they provide a genuine second skin feeling on the leg.

They feel very smooth to the touch and glide beautifully under trousers.

In appearance they are hardly noticeable, at least in the shade I tried.

I found the seamless part of the brief to be very comfortable. With no central seam, and notable stretchiness, it accommodates the male anatomy admirably.

The waistband is much thicker than the rest of the tights. It is quite stretchy as well, and in the high waist version stayed up well. The high waist version sits above the waist, hips and navel.

I found the high waistband initially quite comfortable, but as the day wore on it was slightly less so and became somewhat constrictive. I am hoping that the larger sizes that will soon be available for review will be more comfortable. The leg was comfortable all day however.

I also trialled the low waistband version. The fit on the leg was superb, equally good as the high waistband style. The low waistband sits on the hip and well below the navel. I found this less suited to my body shape and definitely prefer the higher waist. Well with Hedoine, you get a choice.

Colour range

The Hedoine 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights are available in four shades:

10 - Invincible Pearl

20 - Vivid Champagne

30 - Smoky Whisky

40 - Spicy Praline

I trialled them in what I think was Invincible Pearl shade.

The Hedoine website provides a detailed chart to enable you to match each shade to a skin tone.

Price and availability

The Hedoine 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights are available for purchase directly from the Hedoine website.

The low waist version of 'The Nude' is priced at £28.00. The high waist version costs £30.00

The forthcoming XL-XXL size (available in March 2019) is available for pre-order at a discounted price of just £20.00.

Hedoine ship worldwide with standard shipping for £3.95. Express shipping is higher depending on the country/zone.

There is no minimum spend.


We were really excited to get the opportunity to wear some Hedoine tights. It's good to have the opportunity to evaluate genuine innovation and aspiration to make top quality hosiery.

Hedoine also seem very cool with having guys as customers, which is another step forward for gender inclusivity in hosiery.

Let's comment on two of the key claims that are made for the Hedoine 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights:

  • extremely soft and durable
Absolutely. You will only get sheer tights as soft as this if you purchase high-end brands such as Wolford, Falke and CdR.
  • ladder-free and run-resistant
Okay, these tights are not indestructible. You could damage them if you went about it with the intention of doing so. But they do appear to be very robust. I noticed that if you get a little snag they will indeed not run. If they last for a good number of wears I would say that they are good value.

The only drawback for me was the slight tightness in the waistband, but I am hoping that once I have the M - L, and XL - XXL sizes to try this won't be an issue.

I hope Hedoine also might consider modifying their size chart, so that it includes height/weight as well as, (or in addition to), UK/EU/US dress sizes. This definitely helps guys who might be purchasing.