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Reviewed: Bahner Stripes Ribbed Support Tights

UK Tights recently sent us a pair of the Bahner Stripes Ribbed Support Tights to trial and review.

UK Tights told us that these provide a perfect fit, along with support for the legs.

The German brand Bahner is new to us, and we were eager to check out one of their hosiery styles

UK Tights describe them as follows:

"These tights are the perfect ribbed tights as they give you great support and look fashionable too. They are soft and comfortable to wear and they fit perfectly. Good price for a genuinely durable product."


The Bahner Stripes Ribbed Support Tights are packaged quite conventionally. You could say it is pretty much standard hosiery packaging. The tights are folded around a rectangular card, with instructions for putting on the tights, as well as washing information.

A tri-fold card holds the tights in position, and is then enclosed in a cellophane envelope.

Material, design and features

The Bahner Stripes Ribbed Support Tights are 890 denier and made from 95% Polyamide and 5% Elastane.

They are very soft to the touch, and feel even softer once on the leg.

The fine vertical ribbed pattern extends from the toes to the waistband, with no demarcation between leg and body.

Appearance is matte, with almost no shine.

Toes have no reinforcement.

The brief has a gusset. There is no rear comfort panel in sizes S, M, L and XL. The XXL size does have this feature.

The brief has a rise of 26cm from gusset to waistband. Seams are flat.

The waistband is 3cm wide. A Bahner tag has been sewn in to the inside rear.

These are support tights so will provide support and relief for the legs if you are standing or sitting for long periods.

The pressure is highest at the ankle and lower calf and then decreases further up the leg.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Bahner Stripes Ribbed Support Tights are available in five sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • X Large
  • XX Large

I considered getting the XXL size, but UK Tights convinced me that these Bahner tights are very stretchy, and that the XL would probably be a perfect fit. They were right.

The "Stripes" tights were quite easy to get on, although you can feel the compression on the foot and ankle.

As mentioned above, they are very stretchy. The size chart indicates that XL size will fit up to 180cm (5'10"), and this is accurate.

I would be keen to try the XXL size at some point to see how these wear. If you're taller than 5'10" and have chunkier legs and thighs my advice would be to go for the XXL size.

The fit of these Bahner "Stripes" tights was really perfect. A completely second skin feeling on the leg.

The brief was so stretchy that it fitted comfortable above the hips and waist.

Although these tights do not aim to provide medical grade compression, they definitely provide a feeling of wellbeing to the legs. As you wear them you can actually feel them providing a gentle massage to the lower leg. It's a very pleasant sensation.

Colour range

The Bahner Stripes Ribbed Support Tights are available in three shades:
  • Black
  • Navy
  • Mocca
We tried them in the Mocca (brown) shade.

Price and availability

The Bahner Stripes Ribbed Support Tights are priced at £19.99.

For tights of this quality, I feel this is good value.


The benefits of compression or support hosiery can be enjoyed by men as well as women. If you are standing for long periods, have circulation problems or travel long distances then you should really consider trying them.

I was really impressed with Bahner Stripes Ribbed Support Tights. The real positives are:
  • Perfect fit
  • Amazing soft feeling on the skin
  • Light support for the legs that provides a wonderful sensation of wellbeing.

The ribbed pattern is smart. If you wore these tights in place of socks, no-one would notice.

This is definitely a style I would buy more of. In fact I am now keen to get pairs in Black and Navy to complete the Bahner Stripes set!

Thanks to UK Tights for the sample and the great support they provide to Hosiery For Men. They are a retailer we confidently recommend for their range, customer service and commitment to supporting men who buy and wear tights.

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  1. Awww thanks for your kind words! We're glad we picked the right size. We don't stock many Bahner styles, but the ones we style always get good customer feedback.
    UK Tights team