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Heist Tights: Our Complete Guide For Men Buyers

We reported a few days ago on the new and detailed guidance and frequently asked questions published by hosiery brand Heist for men thinking about buying Heist tights.

We were really pleased to be able to collaborate with Heist on these FAQs, along with fellow hosiery blogger i love hosiery.

Heist recently sent us new pairs of their The Fifty and The Eighty tights, so we could report on the changes in packaging, as well as provide Hosiery For Men readers with updated mini reviews that the new FAQs can link to.

In this blog post, we will provide a comprehensive guide to Heist tights from a male perspective as well as links to the updated mini reviews. Hopefully this will support Hosiery For Men readers to learn more about the range of Heist tights, and be able to choose the correct size and style.

What makes Heist tights different?

The concept of Heist is "tights reimagined". The people at Heist decided to completely rethink everything about tights. The aim was to design products that are radically better than anything else currently available. They looked at everything including design, materials and manufacturing.

  • Three questions underpinned the process of reconceptualising tights: 
  • Can a waistband be designed that would not be constrictive and uncomfortable, and would not rollover? 
  • Is it possible to make tights from the softest and most comfortable yarn currently available? 
  • What would stop tights slipping down and needing to be pulled up and readjusted several times a day? 
Heist tights have several key and, in some aspects, completely unique features: 
  • They are completely seamless with no traditional gusset. 
  • They are made with an exceptional Italian double covered yarn with 5,000 spirals of nylon wrapped around each inch of elastane (that’s ten times the industry average) 
  • They have a unique adaptive waistband which is made separately and then hand-sewn onto each pair of tights. 
  • Heist tights have a choice of two waistband heights - Low and High. 
  • Toe seams are tucked 3mm under the toes. 
  • All Heist tights have a smooth, matte finish. 

Are Heist tights suitable for men?

The answer readers is YES!

We have been featuring and reviewing Heist tights since they launched in 2015. We were the first hosiery blog to review Heist tights from a male perspective.

Feedback from Hosiery For Men readers on Heist tights has been universally positive, and Heist was mentioned by many of you who took part in our recent MEN BUYING TIGHTS survey as a hosiery brand with an ethos of inclusion.

Comments made by survey respondents included:

"Heist stated they are gender inclusive. Any brand that acknowledges men wear tights and have larger sizing is great."

"Heist are by far and away the best, they have the best customer service and value you as a person rather than a gender."

Heist have an explicitly gender-inclusive ethos, and are committed to providing a great service to all customers. The new guidance and FAQs for men reflect this.

Men who wear tights should note a particular feature of Heist tights that make them suitable for them: the choice of High and Low waistbands. 

In our MEN BUYING TIGHTS survey almost 60% of respondents agreed that improving waistband design to prevent rollover was a key change that hosiery brands needed to make to improve fit and comfort for men. 

Heist have tackled this issue by creating an adaptive, seamless waistband that aims to follow the contours of the body. It is designed so it won’t roll, twist, or dig in. 

If you are a guy with more weight in the belly area, the High waistband is ideal as this can be stretched over and above this area and will it there comfortably.


Heist have shown commitment to creating sizing options so that all heights and body shapes are catered for.

Almost all of the Heist tights range is available in larger sizes. The Thirty semi-opaque tights are available in sizes that accommodate waist sizes up to 42".

The Fifty and The Eighty opaque styles are available in sizes that accommodate waistbands up to 48".

Heist tights are suitable for anyone up to heights of 6'4", although this does depend on each individual. You will find that Heist tights are very stretchy and will fit you even if you have long legs.

Choosing your size

With the correct size, your Heist tights should fit fine. The way Heist tights are designed means that waist measurements are the most important aspect for men to get right, rather than height measurements.

Men buying Heist tights can use their normal waist size. But if you have very wide hips or have a bigger belly, or have very long legs, you might consider going up a size.

We believe that the High waistband is generally the most suitable option for men. This will sit comfortably on and above your waist, and will provide generous space below for the male anatomy.

The Low waistband sits comfortably just above the hips. The Low may be more suitable if you have a shorter torso.

The waistband length for the High is 23cm/9" and for the Low it is 13cm/5".

If you are not sure of your size, get a tape measure and check your measurements:

Measure your hips around the widest part of your lower body.

Measure your waist around the narrowest part of your waist.

I am 5'10" tall and have a 34" waist. My size in Heist tights is UK 16-18 (33"-37" waist) and the fit is perfect.


Heist have redesigned their packaging several times. The latest version is perhaps the most elegant and coolest design so far.

The tights are despatched in a plain black outer plastic covering. Inside they are housed in a sturdy salmon pink rectangular box (2cm x 24cm x 35cm). This comes wrapped in plastic covering with words highlighting key features: "Goodbye digging, rolling, gusset and seams."

The tights themselves are packaged in a unique black, rectangular card enclosure. This folds out once you undo the card clasp, which is part of the packaging.

The tights inside are carefully folded around a rectangle card, that provides more information on the Heist story, and the unique features of Heist tights.

What stands out in Heist's packaging is the absence of the usual product images of women with a stereotypical "perfect" model shape. The packaging is completely gender neutral and conveys no expectation of body shape or who the intended wearer might be.

Shipping and delivery costs

Heist ships to 41 locations worldwide as listed below:

Australia, Andorra, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Republic of Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Guernsey, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Jersey, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, San Marino, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, United States.

Heist offers free shipping worldwide for orders over £50 / €75 / $90. For smaller orders the shipping fees vary by country and are indicated at checkout.

The Heist tights range

Currently there are four styles of tights available:

The Nude

The Thirty

The Fifty

The Eighty

The links below will take you to our updated mini reviews of each of the four styles of Heist tights:

Updated mini review of The Nude

Updated mini review of The Thirty

Updated mini review of The Fifty

Updated review of The Eighty

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