Friday, 26 April 2019

A package from Leglicious!

Earlier this year we profiled a new online hosiery retailer, Leglicious.

You can still read our interview with Leglicious managing director, Nicola Forkes.

We have just received a package of samples from Leglicious, the contents of which we will reveal very soon.

Readers of this blog might be keen to know that Leglicious has a dedicated page for men's tights, where you can find a number of styles from the Emilio Cavallini mantyhose range.

Just Arrived: Aristoc Ultimate 10 Denier Ladder Resist Matt Tights

Here is the third and final sample we have been sent by hosiery brand Aristoc, from their new range of Ultimate tights

These are the Aristoc Ultimate 10 Denier Ladder Resist Matt Tights.

Key features of these tights are:
  • Ultra fine 10 denier appearance
  • Available in Nude, Illusion and Black
  • Three dimensional construction offering extreme comfort and an exceptional fit
  • Deep comfort waistband
  • Sheer to waist
  • Hand finished flat seams
Reviews are coming for all the new arrivals from the Aristoc Ultimate collection.

Wednesday, 24 April 2019

Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Libero 15 Denier Seamless Tights Marketed To Men At Taobao

We have been showcasing some of the tights marketed to men on the Chinese online shopping website Taobao.

There has been good feedback on the use of male models, so here are some more images.

Here are the Cecilia De Rafael Sevilla Libero 15 Denier Seamless Tights.

Tuesday, 23 April 2019

Reviewed: Wolford Perfect Fit Leggings

We have recently reviewed two styles of leggings from Wolford.

The Wolford Aurora Leggings and the Wolford Velvet Sensation Leggings.

We now focus on the Wolford Perfect Fit Leggings.

Here's how Wolford describe this product:

"Perfect fit. The innovative NATEO yarn used for these opaque leggings provides unique comfort thanks to its elasticity. The silky texture makes them feel unbelievably natural and soft."


The packaging for the Wolford Perfect Fit Leggings is similar to that for the Wolford Aurora Leggings. Indeed the rectangular card box has exactly the same dimensions. An inner tray slides in and out of the outer sleeve of the box.

The leggings themselves are folded around a card that showcases more Wolford products. There is a protective layer of tissue paper around the leggings.

On the base of the inner tray, you will see the Wolford "Certificate of Quality" sticker. This means that the product has passed Wolford's detailed and rigorous quality control procedures. You can read more about what we learned about quality control at Wolford from our report of our visit to the Wolford HQ in Bregenz, Austria, earlier this year.

Material and features

The Wolford Aurora Leggings are made from 92% Polyamide and 8% Elastane.

As soon as you take them out of the classy packaging you realise you have a luxury product in your hands. They have a very soft texture. It is clear that Wolford have done everything possible to make a basic garment, such as leggings, into something that goes up several levels in terms of comfort, function and quality.

Wolford state that the yarn used has specific qualities:

  • It is breathable 
  • It dries easily 
  • It is highly durable. 
The material is completely opaque on the leg. The leggings are anatomically shaped so that the they are wider at the top of the thigh and then gradually taper towards the ankle cuff.

The ankle cuff is slightly wider, than the one on the Aurora leggings, at 3cm.

The only seam apart from the stitching on the cuff and waistband, is the one that runs up the inside leg.

The brief/panty section is completely seamless and has no gusset. It is quite deep and stretchy. The rise is 27cm from the crotch to the top of the waistband in the L size, and 28cm in the XL size.

A key feature of the Perfect Fit Leggings is the "extra-wide and soft comfort waistband". This is 9cm wide and made out of a denser, but very stretchy yarn. The stitching that attaches it to the brief/panty is very cleverly done so that the waistband lies completely flat.

A Wolford tag is sewn onto the inside of the waistband.

Fit, sizing and wearing experience

The Wolford Perfect Fit Leggings are available in five sizes: XS, S, M, L and XL.

I trialled them for this review in both the L and XL sizes.

As we found with the Wolford Aurora Leggings, the sizing comes up larger than what your experience might be with Wolford tights.

I take an XL in Wolford tights and the fit is invariably perfect, with always a second skin feeling on the leg. In Wolford leggings I have found that the L size is a more appropriate size for a perfect fit.

Perfect Fit Leggings in size L

The size chart indicates that these will fit up to 5'11", depending on your weight. The size chart is completely accurate.

The L size was spot on for leg length, with just a little length to spare. The fit on the thigh and calf areas was close without any tightness. The legs move easily in these leggings.

The brief/panty was extraordinarily comfortable. It stretches comfortably above the hips and waist and can sit higher or lower in the abdomen. The "comfort waistband is really superb. It is stretchy but also holds everything in place without any constriction or tightness.

Perfect Fit Leggings in size XL

The size chart indicates that these will fit up to 6'3", depending on your weight.

As I found with the Wolford Aurora Leggings, the XL size provides a much more generous fit. This is size is definitely for bigger and taller people.

I actually found that the fit on the thighs and calves was good. Not as close as the L size but definitely not over baggy.

The main differences with the XL size were additional length in the leg, meaning I had to turn up the cuff at the ankle, plus a bit more room in the panty/brief. The "comfort waistband" once again provided perfect support.

I would still wear the XL size. They have a more relaxed fit and are a great loungewear garment.

Colour range

The Wolford Aurora Leggings are available in two shades: Black and Anthracite.


I wore them in the Black colour.

Price and availability

The Wolford Perfect Fit Leggings are priced at £145.00.


It was good once again to be able to do a review with the opportunity to compare two different sizes.

My advice on size and fit is the same as was provided in the review of the Wolford Aurora Leggings:
  • Refer to the size chart
  • Choose the size appropriate for your height and weight
  • For a closer fit legging, consider going down a size from what you normally for for in Wolford tights
I loved the Wolford Aurora Leggings, but the Perfect Fit Leggings are equally good. A really top wearing experience and unbeatable comfort. Plus you have the superb "comfort waistband".

Of course they are not the cheapest leggings around, but cheap leggings won't provide the fit, comfort and wearing experience of Wolford's Perfect Fit Leggings. If you look after them they will probably last for years and years, and therefore represent great value.


Just Arrived: Aristoc Ultimate Smoothing 15 Denier Tights

We recently brought Hosiery For Men readers news of the new range of Ultimate tights from hosiery brand Aristoc.

Aristoc have now sent us some samples to review. We have received a pair of the Aristoc Ultimate Smoothing 15 Denier Tights.

Key features of these tights are:

  • Sleek smooth body for a smooth silhouette.
  • Waistband free for improved comfort.
  • 3D knitting gives exceptional fit and comfort and a smooth even appearance.
  • Hand finished flat seams and cotton gusset.
  • Available in Nude and Black.

Monday, 22 April 2019

Just Arrived: Aristoc Ultimate Seamless 15 Denier Tights

We recently showcased the new range of Ultimate tights from hosiery brand Aristoc.

Aristoc have now sent us some samples to review. The first is the Aristoc Ultimate Seamless 15 Denier Tights.

Key features are:
  • No central body seam
  • Available in Nude and Black
  • Soft comfortable deep waistband
  • 15 denier natural matt appearance
  • Hand finished flat seams

Friday, 19 April 2019

Platino Clearcut 40 Tights Marketed To Men At Taobao

As we reported yesterday, the Chinese online shopping website Taobao is selling tights for men.

Not only are they being marketed at men, they are being styled with male models.

Here are some more images. Today, we showcase the Platino Clearcut 40 Tights.

Thursday, 18 April 2019

Veneziana Dimension 50 Opaque Tights Marketed To Men At Taobao

Taobao, the Chinese online shopping website, is selling tights for men. Not only are they being marketed at men, they have even styled them with a male model.

Another step forward.

Here are some images of the Veneziana Dimension 50 opaque tights.


Friday, 12 April 2019

Updated review: 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights By Hedoine

Back in January we reviewed the 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights by the luxury hosiery brand Hedoine.

You can still read our initial review here, which was based on the now discontinued M size.

Since that review was published Hedoine have continued to develop their tights collection. There have been some significant changes:

  • Updated packaging. 
  • New sizing categories including a new M - L size and a new XL - XXL size.
'The Nude' tights now have a wider range of skin tones available. 

Hedoine tights are also now available with a new subscription service, which delivers tights to you as and when you like.

Hedoine have sent us the new M - L size to try. We can now compare the fit of these with the older M size.

Hedoine - the brand

Hedoine is a relatively new brand with a clear ethos and philosophy.

"By combining the highest quality yarns with innovative 3D knitting techniques, we have reinvented tights. Produced in Italy, ladder-free and run-resistant, soft and seamless with elegant detailing - a true quality and fashion statement."

Currently three styles of Hedoine tights are available:

The Bold

The Edgy

The Nudes


The Hedoine 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights have updated packaging. They are still despatched in the sturdy blue outer shell envelope with bubble padding.

The tights themselves are folded around a plain white card rectangle before being enclosed in an ingeniously designed card pouch, made from recycled paper. This is sealed with a Hedoine sticker. Once opened this folds out into a kind of star shape. The tights are held inside.

The card pouch is housed in a a further package: a soft, silky blue pouch, that is opened and closed with a ribbon drawstring.

Everything is chic, classy and beautifully designed.

Material and features

As we outlined in our original review, the key features of the Hedoine 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights are: 
  • 20 denier 
  • Seamless - no central seam through the body/brief. 
  • Ladder-free and run-resistant 
  • Extremely soft and durable 
  • Choice of high and low slimming waistband 
  • 40 denier reinforcement under the toes with signature Hedoine pattern 
  • Highest quality yarns 
  • Innovative 3D knitting technology 
  • Machine-washable 
  • Made in Italy
  • 100% vegan, cruelty-free, no animal testing
'The Nude' tights are made in Italy from 70% Nylon and 30% Elastane.

As with our original review, the first impressions are very positive: very, soft and silky tights with a luxurious feel.

In appearance they are matte with only the subtlest of sheen visible.

Both Low and High waistband versions come with what is described as a "slimming waistband". This is a much denser and fully opaque tube that is sewn on to the tights. In the High waistband version this is 15cm in depth.

A tag with the Hedoine brand symbol is sewn onto the front the the waistband. There is no gusset.

The legs and feet are boarded (shaped). Both toe and sole are reinforced with a 40 denier yarn.

Compared with the now discontinued M size, the new M - L has some changes and updates:

  • The stitching that attaches the "slimming waistband" to the tights has been improved. This is less bulky and lies flatter. 
  • Leg length is more generous and about 10cm longer.
Fit, sizing and wearing experience

The Hedoine 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights are currently available in two sizes: 
  • XS - S 
  • M - L

In our original review we highlighted these features:

  • Soft and stretchy.
  • Care needs to be taken to make sure that the reinforced toe and sole is in place, and the latter is positioned under the foot.
  • Excellent fit on leg, with good elasticity and second skin feeling.
  • High sliming waistband sits above whips, waist and navel.
  • Comfortable and accommodating for male anatomy with no central seam.
For this updated review I wore the M - L size with a High waistband. In the previous review we found this was more comfortable from a male perspective compared to the Low Waistband.

The new M - L size is a much better fit. The size chart indicates that they will fit up to 6'2" in height. I am 5'10" and the leg length was perfect. Once again, there was that wonderful second skin feeling - this is where the 30% Elastane does its job. On the leg these tights feel even smoother. If you wear them under jeans or trousers the glide is amazing.

The most notable improvement with this larger size was with the High "slimming waistband". In the M size we reviewed previously this was slightly tight and constrictive. In the M - L size, it is considerably more comfortable; more stretchy and it stays in place nicely without any tightness.

After trialling The Nude tights for two days, I also found that there was little rollover with the waistband. Furthermore these tights do not need constant pulling up and adjusting.

You do need to take care when handling Hedoine tights and putting them on. Although they are claimed to be ladder-free and run-resistant, they are not indestructible. I managed to snag them, even though I was taking great care. It made a tiny hole, but the tights did not run or ladder. The tiny hole remained a tiny hole.

Colour range

The Hedoine 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights are available in four shades:

01 - Invincible Pearl

02 - Vivid Champagne

03 - Smoky Whisky

04 - Spicy Praline

I wore a pair in the 02 Vivid Champagne shade.

Price and availability

The Hedoine 20 Denier 'The Nude' Tights are available for purchase directly from the Hedoine website.

The Low waistband version of 'The Nude' is priced at £28.00. The High waistband version costs £30.00.

If you sign up to the Hedoine newsletter you will get a 15% discount.

Hedoine ship worldwide with normal standard shipping for £3.95. Currently, for a limited time, shipping worldwide is free.


Firstly, thank you to Anna and Alex at Hedoine for being inclusive gender-wise towards guys interested in wearing Hedoine tights, and also for providing the Hosiery For Men blog with samples.

We were really keen to try 'The Nude' once again, but in the new sizing.

The M - L was a perfect fit. 'The Nude' are wonderfully soft, luxurious and achieve that sensual, second skin feeling when worn.

In our previous review we suggested that Hedoine might consider modifying their size chart, so that it includes height/weight information in addition to UK/EU/US dress sizes. They have now done this and that is a big support to guys who are purchasing as they will likely refer to  height and weight.

With XL - XXL size options either now available or available for pre-order this is a hosiery collection that guys should check out.

Stay tuned for out forthcoming review of 'The Bold'.