Saturday, 27 July 2019

Introducing Taylor Dewosky: Male Hosiery Model

At Hosiery For Men we recently profiled the Garni hosiery brand.

You can still read our introduction to the Garni tights brand, as well as our interview with Elina Tunyan, the founder of Garni tights.

The responses we had to both pieces have been pretty amazing, with such high numbers of page views that they are amongst the most-read posts since the Hosiery For Men blog started in 2011!

When we conducted our "men buying tights survey" several months ago, one of the things that respondents said they wished to see was hosiery brands showing a commitment to gender inclusion and connection with male customers by using male models.

Well, as you may have read, Garni recently included a male model, styled in Garni tights, in a recent photoshoot.

Garni tights founder Elina Tunyan was clear that this was a conscious move to "redefine beauty as freedom: freedom that is meant for everyone!"

That hosiery model is Taylor Dewosky, and we are thrilled to have had the opportunity to interview him recently.

Hi Taylor! Can you tell Hosiery For Men readers a bit about yourself?

I was born in Arkansas, raised in Georgia/North Carolina, but now living in NYC to be closer to my twin brother. Former college cheerleader turned yogi.

The most important thing about me, I would say, is that I recently became a 2019 Athlete for Equality for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation. I’m aiming to raise $5,000 for them and will be running in the 2019 TCS NYC Marathon on their behalf. I’m raising money until November, feel free to donate or share!

How did you get to be a hosiery model for the Garni hosiery brand? 

The brand wanted to emphasize the fact that their tights are for anyone! During the scouting process, the photographer asked my friend if he knew any models that were both flexible and fluid. I sent my measurements and the rest is history!

How was the experience on the photo shoot as the only guy on the modelling team?

The founder of Garni, her husband, the design team, MUA, hair team - EVERYONE WAS AMAZING! I felt honored to help fulfil the owner’s vision- freedom to be whoever and do whatever you want in these tights! To me, it meant I needed to maintain an equipoise between put together and free/unrestricted. The whole crew made sure I was comfortable and couldn’t have created a more open, accepting, liberating, and empowering environment on set.

The founder was telling me how extensive it was finding the perfect hosiery yarns and how many tours she had to do, and she also has a really inspiring family background that I think goes into detail on her site.

Image by Garni

Garni are pretty much out in front of most hosiery brands in having a guy model their tights. Do you think this is a step forward in helping hosiery brands improve their marketing to male customers? Does this contribute positively to more gender neutrality in fashion?

That is exactly what they were going for! They created a whole shoot brief/presentation that I read before the shoot; it really put the marketing mission into perspective, which was completely geared towards this motif of freedom. Gender bias in fashion is absolutely toxic and the implications it has had on past and present generations is innumerable. I myself am fluid with my gender and saw this shoot as an attempt to deconstruct the policing of gender norms through fashion and how one presents themselves.

Image by Garni

So, how were the Garni ‘Ganache’ opaque tights that you modelled on the shoot? What are your opinions on the quality and fit?

Very, very good quality and fit! It molded to my body perfectly and was very soft. I talked to the founder about it actually. She put a lot of effort into every detail of these tights, from the materials to the production. I actually kept a pair of the Ganache tights from the shoot because they’re so comfy!

Image by Garni

Image by Garni

There is always quite a lot of media interest in the subject of tights for men. What are your thoughts about the greater acceptability and visibility of men wearing tights?

I did this shoot because I want to make sure people know where my voice stands with gender inclusivity and diversity. I think that’s the whole reason I was selected to be one of the models.

All men, including cishetero men, should not have to think twice about wearing tights. We should not be attaching gender to fashion apparel. Men deserve agency in this regard in the same capacity that women deserve to wear whatever clothes they want as well!

Image by Garni

What are you planning next Taylor? Are you open to doing more hosiery modelling?

I love any opportunity to be flexible and free, especially if it’s spearheading a movement that I have compassion for! In the meantime, I am going to focus all my efforts on raising money for the Human Rights Campaign Foundation because the future I want includes gender diversity, both in identity and presentation. I will always consider work when offered. We will see where the wind blows me to next!

Thanks so much for speaking to Hosiery For Men Taylor. I am sure this post is going to get loads of interest. What you have achieved is really important. Respect to Garni too for making this happen.

Readers: do consider making a donation to Taylor's fundraiser and show your support against hate and for equality.

Remember also to check out Garni. We should be supporting inclusive brands like this.


  1. He is not presented in the most masculine way in my opinion, but that's a start !

  2. I think you are missing the whole point here Anonymous. The approach from Garni works because it's not tied to any fixed or rigid sense of what is "masculine".

    1. Then maybe their approach doesn't work for me. Unisex is one thing but the whole genderless vocabulary (cis/trans etc...) doesn't represent me.

  3. However muscle bound body builders dressed as firefighters with tights on is not representative. Theyre finding their way with this but it is progress.

  4. We have a golden opportunity to help shape the marketing of tights to men. Tell them what would work for you. They read this blog.

  5. I think Taylor is a wonderful model for those beautiful Garni tights and it is so inspiring to see his confidence and enthusiasm in this photo shoot. I have a feeling even more males will be openly wearing tights in the near future and it will be a very positive step for everyone.