Tuesday, 16 July 2019

Reviewed: Gipsy 30 Denier ECO Recycled Yarn Tights

The long-established and respected British hosiery brand Gipsy recently launched two brand new styles of tights made with Eco Recycled Yarn.

Gipsy sent us both the Gipsy 30 Denier ECO Recycled Yarn Tights and the Gipsy 50 Denier ECO Recycled Yarn Tights to trial and review.

We have already reviewed the Gipsy 50 Denier ECO Recycled Yarn Tights.

We now focus on the Gipsy 30 Denier ECO Recycled Yarn Tights.

Background to the ECO tights range

The range of ECO tights is new from Gipsy Tights.

To create this range Gipsy worked with Fulgar, a leading Italian manufacturer of top quality, high performance yarns.

To create the 30 and 50 Denier ECO Recycled Yarn Tights, Gipsy have used two specialist yarns developed by Fulgar.

The Nylon used is Q-NOVA®, a special fibre using material left over from the hosiery manufacturing process.

Q-NOVA® yarn has unique properties:

  • Lightness: It can reduce the weight of a product by 25% but still maintain the same coverage.
  • Moisture management: It has good moisture management properties that help maintain freshness and skin hygiene.
  • Dye performance: Q-NOVA® yarn is designed to obtain the maximum dye-ability performance and colour fastness.The Elastane used is ROICA Eco-Smart™, part of a unique family of eco-friendly stretch yarns.

The Gipsy 30 Denier ECO Recycled Yarn Tights are packaged simply, like many products in the Gipsy range. The tights are folded and held in place with a simple card clasp that is designed for retail display.

Materials and features

The Gipsy 30 Denier ECO Recycled Yarn Tights are made in Italy with 90% Nylon and 10% Elastane.

They feel light in the hand and soft to touch.

As with the 50 Denier ECO tights, the 30 Denier do not have a gusset or flat seams and this is reflected in the pricing. The overall features of both versions of these tights are pretty similar.

The body is deep, measuring 28cm from the waistband to the crotch.

The waistband design is also the same as the 50 Denier. It is 5cm deep.

As with the 50 Denier these tights are not sheer to waist. There is a very noticeable demarcation between the leg and the body. This is not quite as high on the leg as with the 50 Denier. Indeed from the crotch it is about a further 9cm to the demarcation on the leg. Unless you pull the tights up high, the brief will be visible Unless of course you are wearing them under trousers).

Toes are lightly reinforced.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Gipsy 30 Denier ECO Recycled Yarn Tights are available in three sizes:

  • Small/Medium
  • Medium/Large
  • Large/XL

I wore them in the Large/XL size.

As with the 50 denier ECO style, I found that a bit of time and care was needed to get them comfortably into place.

The high Elastane content gives a lovely fit on the leg, with no wrinkling at all. They feel very soft and comfortable when on. The observation we made in our review of the 50 Denier applies here as well: this particular recycled yarn is good quality and provides a nice wearing experience.

Opaque coverage, at 30 denier, is not total but even throughout. Appearance is matt, with very little shine.

In terms of fit, my experience was similar to the 50 Denier version. I am 5'10" and the leg part of the tights was extended almost to full stretch. I also needed to stretch them a bit more so that the darker brief was sitting nearer the crotch. I wouldn't say they are too small. The sizing information is accurate.

The brief was good with plenty of depth. It stretched comfortably above the hips and waist. Overall however I would have appreciated more length in the legs.

Colour range

The Gipsy 30 Denier ECO Recycled Yarn Tights are available in Black only.

Price and availability

The Gipsy 30 Denier ECO Recycled Yarn Tights are priced at £6.00. This is slightly cheaper than the 50 Denier which are priced at £6.50.

You can purchase them directly from Gipsy Tights.

They are also available from retailer Tights Tights Tights.


The Gipsy 30 Denier ECO Recycled Yarn Tights are a decent pair of semi-opaque tights at a very fair price. £6.00 is probably a fair reflection of what kind of quality you will get.

Indeed that is one of the features and attractions of Gipsy tights: quality at an accessible price point. They probably do this better than any other British hosiery brand.

However from a male perspective, the 30 Denier ECO tights might not provide the leg length that most men will need. This could be addressed with an XXL size option.

A Gipsy style that works particular well for men size-wise is the Gipsy 60 Denier XL Opaque Tights. We really recommend these and you can read our review to learn why.

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