Friday, 2 August 2019

Reviewed: Platino 40 Denier Total Confort Tights

One of our favourite online hosiery and legwear retailers, The Tight Spot, recently sent us some hosiery from the Platino brand.

Platino are a Spanish hosiery brand founded in 1927.

We recently reviewed the Platino Cleancut 15 Denier Knee High Shiny Socks.

We now focus on the Platino 40 Denier Total Confort Tights, which are part of the range of shiny tights at The Tight Spot.

You can also find other styles of Platino tights at The Tight Spot.


Packaging is quite simple and standard. The tights are folded around a white card rectangle, then enclosed in a cellophane bag. Everything is then housed in a card envelope.

Materials and features

These tights are part of Platino's Total Confort range. The range includes:

  • 20 Denier Knee Highs
  • 50 Denier Knee Highs
  • 10 Denier Tights
  • 15 Denier Tights
  • 20 Denier Tights
  • 40 Denier Tights
  • 80 Denier Tights
The central concept in the Platino Total Confort range is the design of the waistband and the cuff on the knee highs. Both have been made to provide a high level of comfort without digging in, being too tight or leaving pressure marks.

The waistband on Total Confort Tights is adjustable, and can be positioned either on your hips or higher up around the waist. Therefore you have high and low waist versions in one garment.

The Platino 40 Denier Total Confort Tights are made from 88% Polyamide and 12% Elastane.

These tights feel extraordinarily soft and silky to the touch.

They are boarded with the legs anatomically shaped to the natural curve of the leg. They are sheer to waist.

The brief/panty is quite deep, measuring 28 cm from the top of the waistband to the crotch.
Seams are flat. The central seam has a 1cm reinforcement band on either side.

The size I trialled has a rear comfort panel.

A key feature of these tights is the waistband. It is much deeper than on most tights, measuring 12cm in depth.

Toes have very light, invisible reinforcement.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Platino 40 Denier Total Confort Tights are available in four sizes at The Tight Spot:

  • Medium II
  • Large III
  • XLarge VI
  • XXLarge IV

I wore an XLarge size.

Fit was good and just about right for my height. If you are taller than 5'10" my advice would be to move up to the XXLarge size.

Fit on the leg was excellent with no wrinkling anywhere! These tights provide a real second skin feel.

Opacity is even throughout, but not total given that they are 40 denier.

The silky sheen is very soft to the touch, and glide under trousers is excellent.

The brief/panty has good depth and the adjustable waistband stretched comfortably above the waist and hips. I had the waistband positioned higher above the hips and up to and over the navel. It was very comfortable and stayed in place.

Colour range

The Platino 40 Denier Total Confort Tights are available in two shades: Negro (Black) and Caresse.

I wore them in the Black shade.

Price and availability

The Platino 40 Denier Total Confort Tights are priced at £11.95.


These are the first tights from Platino that we have reviewed at Hosiery For Men. The 40 Denier Total Confort Tights didn't disappoint. They are well made, fit well, feel good when worn and look good too.

The adjustable waistband will be welcome by welcomed by guys for its flexibility.

For under £12.00 they are well-priced also. Perhaps a cheaper option to the Wolford Neon 40s.

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  1. Do you review patterned tights. I would not ban any style of tights for men. But i do wonder if patterened hose may gain acceptance more quickly. As in this painting

    I also noted on a visit to the V&A that no hose is shown on mens medieval outfits. Jacket etc at top and then breeches and a gap where hosr should be to the shoes. Has the v and a deleted hose from mens fashion history?