Friday, 28 February 2020

Reviewed: Wolford Individual 10 Tights

I like publishing Wolford reviews as they get so many hits from readers. Plus also it's a pleasure reviewing anything from Wolford,

In this review we focus on the Wolford Individual 10 Tights in XL and XXL sizes.

Here's how Wolford describe them:

"Comfortably soft: These tights feature double-entwined elastane that stretches with every movement. The reinforced panty section provides optimal comfort even in larger sizes, and the soft waistband guarantees a perfect fit."


The packaging is the standard one for Wolford tights. The tights are folded around a rectangular card that showcases other Wolford products. This is then enclosed in the outer card. Everything is then protected in a thin cellophane sleeve.

As with all Wolford products, the checking and quality control is at a very high level. We learnt about this when visiting the Wolford HQ in Bregenz, Austria, last year. You can read our visit reports here and here.

In the packaging of all Wolford products you will find a 'certificate of quality' sticker. This is your guarantee that the product has been rigorously checked.

Material and features

The Wolford Individual 10 Tights are made from 81% Polyamide and 19% Elastane.

As you remove them carefully from the packaging you notice immediately how light they are, and also how soft they feel.

The XL size is sheer to waist. However the XXL size has a reinforced panty/brief with a very clear demarcation to the leg.

Both sizes have flat seams, a cotton gusset and no rear comfort panel.

In the XL size the depth of the brief (from top of the waistband to crotch) is 23cm. The XXL size is slightly deeper at 26cm.

Both XL and XXL sizes have a knitted waistband which has Wolford lettering stitched into it.

In XL, the waistband is 3cm wide with a 5cm finger band running below it. In XXL the waistband measures 4cm and there is no finger band. This has not been included because in this larger size the whole panty is reinforced.

As is customary, a Wolford tag has been sewn onto the inside of the waistband.

Toes have barely visible shadow toe reinforcement.

Colour range

The Wolford Individual 10 Tights are available in sixteen shades:

  • Caramel
  • Coca
  • Honey
  • Mocca
  • Cosmetic
  • Gobi
  • Sand
  • Fairly Light
  • Admiral
  • Dark Navy
  • Black
  • Nearly Black
  • Steel
  • Fog
  • Saba
  • Soft Sable

I wore them in the Gobi shade.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Wolford Individual 10 Tights are available in six sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL.

For this review I wore them in both the XL and XXL sizes.

These tights are quite delicate, so handle with care. I managed to snag one pair although the tiny hole made didn't turn into a run.

With 19% double-entwined elastane Elastane in the yarn they have incredible stretch and elasticity. Appearance is matt.

In the XL size, fit was absolutely perfect. As with almost all Wolford tights, the brief stretched comfortably over the hips and waist.

The XXL size is designed for heights up to 6'3". Although I am 5'10", I actually found the XXL an even more comfortable fit. There is significantly more length to the leg, and the brief comes up much higher over the waist.

In both sizes the feeling when wearing the Individual 10s was great, and provided that second skin effect.

Price and availability

The Wolford Individual 10 Tights are priced at £27.00.

You can purchase directly from the Wolford online store, as well as retailers such as UK Tights, Luxury Legs and The Tight Spot.


The Wolford Individual 10 Tights are really quite luxurious. They are light, soft and breathe well. They come in a wide range of shades and having both XL and XXL size options are a definite positive for men.

Outstanding quality as always from Wolford.


Monday, 24 February 2020

Reviewed: Pretty Polly Curves 15 Denier Cooling Shorts

Pretty Polly recently sent us their Pretty Polly Curves 15 Denier Cooling Shorts to trial and review.

The Curves Cooling Shorts are one of the recent additions to Pretty Polly's bestselling plus size Curves collection.

We have already reviewed the following from the range:

Pretty Polly Curves Fleecy 200 Denier Tights

Pretty Polly Curves Smooth Leggings


Packaging is simple. The shorts are folded around a plain white card rectangle, and protected by clear plastic sleeve. Everything is then enclosed in a card envelope, that looks like a narrow box.

Materials and features

This is what Pretty Polly say about the Curves cooling shorts:

"The new Curves Cooling Shorts is the latest addition to our best selling Curves collection and features several benefits and solutions to provide everyday comfort when wearing."

The benefits are identified as:

  • Preventing thigh chafing
  • An innovative yarn keeps you feeling cool and comfortable as you get warmer

Manufactured in Turkey, the Curves cooling shorts are made from 87% Polyamide and 13% Elastane. The packaging indicates that they are made with a breathable yarn called NILIT Breeze that helps to maintain a comfortable body temperature during or after physical performance and in hot weather.

The best way to describe them is as pair of tights that reach just part way down the thigh.

The waistband is 3.5cm wide. There is a rear comfort panel. The front and rear seams are flat and well-engineered.

The brief is lightly reinforced, although demarcation with the leg is barely visible.

The thigh cuff is 6cm wide and designed to provide comfort when worn.

Appearance is matt. They are surprisingly opaque for a 15 denier style. When worn they look more like 40 or even 50 denier.

Colour range

The Pretty Polly Curves 15 Denier Cooling Shorts are available in Black and Nude.

I wore them in Black.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Pretty Polly Curves 15 Denier Cooling Shorts are available in two sizes:

  • XL
  • XX

I wore them in the XL size.

The Curves Cooling Shorts feel very soft and smooth.

They have great elasticity and were easy to put on and get into position.

I wore them both with and without underwear and the fit and comfort was excellent either way. The high (13%) Elastane content of the yarn enables them to mould to your body shape and provide a second skin feeling.

The brief is deep and the waistband fits quite high above the hips and waist.

When worn they look like a pair of cycling shorts or those type of men's underwear trunks that finish on the thigh.

The thigh cuff is wide and comfortable and holds the shorts in position without leaving any pressure marks.

Are they cool to wear, in the sense of keeping you cool and comfortable in warm weather? Well I wore them for most of the day outside in my yard on a day when the temperature reached 21 Celsius. Yes, they were pretty comfortable and the yarn definitely breathes well.

I liked them most for just lounging about on the sofa!

Price and availability

The Pretty Polly Curves 15 Denier Cooling Shorts are priced at £9.00. You can buy them directly from Pretty Polly.

They are also in stock at UK Tights where they are priced at £8.99.


Well the Pretty Polly Curves 15 Denier Cooling Shorts were certainly something different to review.

As I said above they are basically a plus size tight without most of the legs and feet. It was quite an interesting sensation wearing them, but not an unpleasant one by any means. In fact they were really comfortable and breathable.

An overall positive is that the Cooling Shorts are really quite a versatile garment. You could wear them under conventional shorts to prevent chafing, wear them as underwear under tights or other clothing, or just wear them for leisure. You can also wear them because they just feel really good.

Sunday, 23 February 2020

New Comfort4Men C463M 50 Denier Ribbed Structure Men's Tights

German hosiery brand Comfort4Men have launched a new style.

The Comfort4Men C463M 50 Denier Men's Tights have a soft, ribbed structure.

The Comfort4Men C463M 50 Denier Ribbed Structure Men's Tights are currently available in a low waist version only.

They are available in three sizes and feature a fly opening and the standard Comfort4Men black front gusset, specially designed for the male anatomy.

Until the 1 March 2010 the C463M 50 Denier Ribbed Structure Men's Tights are available with a 10% discount.

Saturday, 22 February 2020

New Smaragd Colour In The Comfort4Men C427M 60 Denier Luxury Men's Tights

German men's hosiery brand Comfort4Men have now added another colour to their C427M 60 Denier Luxury Men's Tights style.

The C427M 60 Denier Luxury Men's Tights are already available in Black and Graphit.


The new Smaragd shade is great if you want a bright coloured opaque.

The Comfort4Men C427M 60 Denier Luxury Men's Tights are available in high waist and low waist versions.

They are available in four sizes and feature a fly opening and the standard Comfort4Men black front gusset, specially designed for the male anatomy.

Until the 1 March 2010 the C427M 60 Denier Luxury Men's Tights in the Smaragd colour are available with a 10% discount.

Thursday, 20 February 2020

Just arrived: NEW Aristoc 80 Denier Opaque Tights

As well as the new additions to the impressive Ultimate range of tights, Aristoc have also released some additional opaque styles.

They have sent us a pair of the new Aristoc 80 Denier Opaque Tights.

Review coming soon.

Reviewed: Hēdoïne THE STATEMENT 50 Denier Tights

We recently received some new samples from luxury hosiery brand Hēdoïne.

We have previously reviewed the following Hēdoïne styles:

Hēdoïne 20 Denier THE NUDE Tights (original review)

Hēdoïne 20 Denier THE NUDE Tights (updated review)

This review focused on the Hēdoïne THE STATEMENT 50 Denier Tights.


It's been interesting to see how Hēdoïne's packaging has evolved. They have moved from a a blue card square that folds outwards, to the present version which I think is the most elegant, and environmentally-friendly so far.

Now the tights come in a 14.5cm x 14.5 card box. It's quite a hard, solid construction, and looks great with the Hēdoïne logo printed on the front.

The rear of the box has a small sticker that provides information on the style, yarn and sizing. It's all simple and stylish. Well done to Hēdoïne for not using any plastic in the packaging.

Inside the box, the tights are folded and placed in the box.

Materials and features

The Hēdoïne THE STATEMENT 50 Denier Tights are a limited edition style from Hēdoïne.

This is what Hēdoïne say about these tights:

"Indulging the ego? Perhaps a little. But truly, this is your statement, not ours.

"50 Denier, seamless, shaping and luxuriously soft, these are limited edition tights that make a statement."

What is it about the that makes them a 'statement' you are probably wondering by now.

Well, on one of the legs, 'Hēdoïne' has been printed in shiny gold lettering.

First impressions can be slightly deceptive as the tights looked really small for a Medium/Large size. The inside leg (measured from the crotch to the toe) was just 53cm. But these tights have, as we shall see, impressive stretch and elasticity.

Key features:

  • 50 denier
  • Seamless
  • A choice of a Low slimming 9cm waistband or High slimming 15cm waistband 
  • No gusset
  • Designed to ensure that there are no pressure marks, sagging or itching
The tights are made in Italy from 88% Nylon and 12% Elastane.

They feel very fine and soft to the touch. Appearance is matt.

As with all Hēdoïne tights, a Low or High Waistband is available. This review is based on the High Waistband style. The High Waistband is 15cm deep. Overall the brief in this version measures 24cm from the top of the waistband to the crotch. The brief has no gusset and is completely seamless (no centre seam).

Toes are rounded and have no reinforcement.

Colour range

The Hēdoïne THE STATEMENT 50 Denier Tights are available in Black only.

Sizing, fit and wearing experience

The Hēdoïne THE STATEMENT 50 Denier Tights are currently available in a M/L size only.

Despite looking quite small, THE STATEMENT tights are really stretchy. You need to take some care putting them on, rolling them carefully to get the material evenly distributed on the leg and the high waistband in position.

Fit on the leg was excellent. The tights moulded themselves to my leg shape, and clung there with no wrinkling or sagging. They have that much sought-after second skin feeling.

Opaque coverage is what you would expect for 50 denier. They felt quite light and breathable. Very comfortable and smooth too.

The Hēdoïne signature High Waistband stretched comfortably over my waist and hips. I get a sense that Hēdoïne might have worked with their manufacturer to improve this feature. It certainly feels much more stretchy and comfortable than the one I trialled previously (THE NUDE tights). In THE STATEMENT the High Waistband was easily as comfortable as the the high waistband that is a key feature of Heist tights.

The High Waistband kept everything nicely in position and I found there is was no need to pull up adjust the tights during the day. Also, there was no roll over, which is something we all dislike.

Finally, from a male perspective seamless tights are definitely worth considering. There is no central seam and no double-seamed rare comfort panel. So the tights in this area mould nicely to the male anatomy with no discomfort that some guys feel from seams and gussets.

Price and availability

The Hēdoïne THE STATEMENT 50 Denier Tights are priced at £48.00 for either the Low Waistband or High Waistband versions.

If you take out a subscription to Hēdoïne tights, they come with a significant discount and will cost £38.40.

An alternative is to go for THE BOLD 50 Denier Tights. These come without the Hēdoïne gold lettering, and cost £28.00 for the Low Waistband version and £30.00 with the High Waistband.


The Hēdoïne THE STATEMENT 50 Denier Tights are a premium product with a twist.

The Hēdoïne gold printed lettering might not appeal to everyone, but if you wear them under your jeans or trousers no-one will see it.

A more economical 
alternative, of course would be the Hēdoïne THE BOLD 50 Denier Tights, which are cheaper, have no Hēdoïne lettering and which also come in three sizes: XS/S, M/L and XL/XXL. I would be keen to review these in the XL/XXL size.

Anyway, to sum up: THE STATEMENT tights provided a very nice, comfortable and enjoyable wearing experience. Great fit and feel, and the High Waistband and seamless feature make them something guys should try.