Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Gerbe OPAQUE 70 denier tights for men: Pricewatch

I recently blogged about the superb quality of Gerbe tights for men. See Gerbe tights for men: Part 1 and Gerbe tights for men: Part 2.

The Gerbe Men OPAQUE 70 tights are superb quality; perhaps the best opaque tights made specifically for men that you can buy. The male front opening is beautifully designed.

I have now checked out the price of these tights from UK-based resellers. The only retailer I could identify who had these tights in stock is:

UK Tights: £26.95

Gerbe sell these tights for €49 via their website, which is about £42.50 at today's exchange rate.

So once again, UK Tights comes out on top for offering Gerbe men's tights at a very competitive price.


  1. Gerbe OPAQUE 70 denier tights... I have to say by looking at the photo... Often not mentioned.. How good that tights can make legs look..

  2. Thanks Carl. Your comments are always appreciated. Had an email from Gerbe this week to say that contrary to rumours, they have no plans to end their Men Collection range of tights.

  3. That's good to know, about Gerbe keeping their Men Collection range going rather than abandoning it the way Wolford did. I have to believe that the depressed economy is probably affecting their sales, given how they are priced much higher. But... they do fill a niche, that being high quality tights for men. I also wonder that if sales pick up enough, we will see more vendors providing temporary discounts. Already I see they are running a bit cheaper at UK Tights as you mentioned. Yet, they are still quite pricey for those of us in the USA...